World Tour Golf Links

Melvin F. Graham designed World Tour Golf Links to be one of the finest golfing experiences. Located in Myrtle Beach the course represents southern colonial charm at its best. Undoubtedly, all golf trips should include a round at World Tour. Graham designed the course to recreate 27 of the world’s most famous holes. Because of the inspired design, golfers play legendary holes from around the world like Augusta National, Oakmont, Pine Valley, Seminole Club, St Andrews, Royal Melbourne, and Winged Foot. Thus the name - World Tour Golf Links. Just remember 23/6/10. No passport is required for playing twenty-three exciting courses in six countries and ten states. That is phenomenal golf! This is Myrtle Beach Golf!

World Tour Golf Links

The magnolia-lined entrance embraces the southern charm for this golf course in Myrtle Beach and golfers will feel the experience as if they were driving down Magnolia Lane in Augusta. World Tour provides golfers with an “exclusive” feel, overcrowding is controlled by limiting the number of players. An all-day golf adventure of challenges and excitement is found on this Myrtle Beach golf course. Rolling terrain and undulating promote the classic design of courses like St. Andrews, Cypress Point, and Augusta National. This course is in impeccable condition and features well-manicured fairways, L 93 Bentgrass greens, Bermuda tees and surrounded by nature's splendor. Tournament quality conditions can be noticed everywhere, even at the three nine-hole courses.

A stately Myrtle Beach golf course of the area, World Tour is considered highly prominent for Myrtle golf. World Tour Golf Links has a luxurious clubhouse for relaxation or a quick meal. Making a golfer feel like a championship player is second nature here. The course provides world-class service and professional staff eager to assist with any golfer’s need. To get the most of your World Tour experience, yardage books and policies can be provided in advance. On your next golf vacation, book World Tour Golf Links. It’s a gem of all the golf courses in the area. Include World Tour Golf Links in future golf packages.


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Open Nine                    
Hole # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  
Tournament 370 531 132 401 542 344 170 391 354  
Back 360 501 125 364 492 321 162 360 341  
Member 360 467 115 331 435 312 155 355 329  
Forward 345 410 86 306 410 277 111 326 307  
HNCP 8 2 4 3 1 6 5 7 9  
Par 4 5 3 4 5 4 3 4 4  
Hole # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  
Tournament 380 491 126 455 155 485 418 360 420  
Back 368 472 116 435 155 485 418 344 395  
Member 355 462 116 344 142 430 402 334 382  
Forward 334 421 100 334 142 413 385 287 340  
HNCP 6 5 9 1 7 4 3 8 2  
Par 4 5 3 4 3 5 4 4 4  
Hole # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  
Tournament 354 520 194 399 425 498 163 416 429  
Back 310 504 154 377 403 488 150 416 382  
Member 278 484 142 335 388 434 130 364 369  
Forward 246 310 92 294 339 389 87 304 312  
HNCP 8 1 7 4 2 6 9 3 5  
Par 4 5 3 4 4 5 3 4 4  

2000 World Tour Blvd. ,Myrtle Beach SC 29579

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Henry Calloway

Overall Rating: 11/11/2018
Must play if your in Myrtle. Alway's in great shape. Each hole replicates a hole at a famous course from around the world.

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Declan Sheridan

Overall Rating: 11/9/2018
Played World Tour twice this week (Nov 3 - 10) with my 15 year old son. This is must play course if you are in Myrtle Beach. Great layout of replica holes that are challenging but still fun. The staff are very friendly and helpful, all of them making the experience so worthwhile. Great practice facilities and free range balls.??????

Source: Google Reviews

Scott Merryfield

Overall Rating: 11/1/2018
The staff was very friendly, and the replicas of famous golf holes makes for a fun round. My only issue was the course was saturated with water after they had over seeded. I had a few approach shots plug in front of the green instead of bouncing on the putting surface as expected. Overall, though, it was a positive experience and I will play there again.

Source: Google Reviews

Robin Baine

Overall Rating: 10/13/2018
Beautiful course. All replica holes from famous courses around the world.

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korpo roberts

Overall Rating: 9/5/2018
Beautiful location and very spacious but the beds were the WORST beds we have ever laid on. I've slept on floors more comfortable.

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Overall Rating: 8/24/2018
Great course. This is a concept course with every hole being based on a famous golf hole from around the world. Overall this was the best place we played on a golf trip to Myrtle. The conditions were impeccable and the staff was friendly. I was especially impressed by the greens and fairways. It was truly in excellent shape. We played some other places and they paled in comparison. I would recommend this to anyone who plans a trip or is in the area.

Source: Google Reviews

John Cifelli

Overall Rating: 8/21/2018
Very nice course and in good shape. Ate lunch at their restaurant, food was fine but when we asked for straws, they told us they didn't carry straws because of the environment. Which I understand, but what I do not understand are the styrofoam cup the drinks were in!

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Craig Myers

Overall Rating: 7/20/2018
Played here while on vacation when I had not played golf in quite a while. The staff and service At the course were friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Unfortunately, I’m having to give only a 2 rating because there were so many greens under repair or in really bad shape. The fairways and tee boxes were really nice but considering what you pay to play, I felt like we should have received a discount on greens fees considering the bad conditions of so many of the greens. If I were rating the staff and the food we ate ate the end of the round I would give a 4 but due to the conditions of the course at the time we played, I can only give a 2 based off that assessment.

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Scott Barr

Overall Rating: 7/19/2018
To start, the course is very well done and the holes are recognizable. I've played here before and had good experiences. The staff was also friendly at the course. Saying that, my group was charged full price and not told about the condition of the course when making tee times. The greens were as bad as any course I've ever played that cost more than $20. Most had large sections of ground under repair, as much as 50% of the surface. One was basically unplayable with about 80% of the green brown and without grass. I would have a hard time waiting my time, let alone $80 in non-peak season, to play this course again because I wouldn't trust them to tell me if any of it was unplayable.

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