Thistle Golf Club

Thistle Golf Club & Estates is a combination exclusive golf course and residential community along the Grand Strand in the quiet town of Sunset Beach, North Carolina. The Thistle features three courses - Cameron, Mackay, and Stewart - and boasts an authentic Scottish feel to it thanks to designer Tim Cate. Cate designed the club based on the Links of Leith, located in Edinburgh, Scotland and traditionally known as the birthplace of golf. From first glance, the Thistle appears to be a formidable course. However, this course is actually more golfer friendly than it appears. Cate relied on visual deception to make this course appear more cunning and deceptive than it really is. Despite the fact that the course is actually easy going enough for beginners to enjoy, it does entice players of all skill levels to bring forth their best game. The Thistle presents 27 stunning holes, some of the best golfers have seen along the Grand Strand. The Thistle goes above and beyond, straying away from traditionally used 8-minute tee times to offer 12-minute tee times for a longer, more enjoyable play experience. Combined with the fact that the course is in impeccable shape, it is no wonder golfers travel from all across the country to enjoy this magnificent gem. Players are able to enjoy the game in every traditional sense and thanks to additional tee times, a leisurely pace promotes the most relaxing game in the Myrtle Beach area. This course is a must play for those that truly love the game of golf.

Thistle Golf Club

Hole # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  
Thistle 370 414 433 183 518 421 380 206 525  
Blue 349 356 410 156 475 396 355 109 500  
White 326 326 363 134 446 376 337 164 477  
Gold 270 271 309 108 428 315 286 144 449  
Red 246 251 284 85 368 279 248 106 390  
HNCP 7 4 5 8 3 6 2 9 1  
Par 4 4 4 3 5 4 4 3 5  
Hole # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  
Thistle 429 396 211 397 422 184 555 395 558  
Blue 392 350 192 370 399 171 546 368 530  
White 371 334 159 347 371 144 526 340 500  
Gold 315 301 158 297 353 129 503 294 426  
Red 291 277 125 267 261 108 360 266 400  
HNCP 4 5 9 7 3 8 1 6 2  
Par 4 4 3 4 4 3 5 4 5  
Hole # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  
Thistle 378 404 193 543 200 545 434 443 211  
Blue 347 333 178 515 186 520 424 411 193  
White 317 328 156 475 163 486 397 377 177  
Gold 271 304 139 459 139 420 366 315 163  
Red 232 243 99 412 99 388 335 270 110  
HNCP 9 7 6 3 6 5 1 3 4  
Par 4 4 3 5 3 5 4 4 3  

1815 Olde Thistle Club Rd. ,Sunset Beach NC 28468

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JoAnn Harris

Overall Rating: 2/13/2019

My best friend's daughter got married here. It is an absolutely gorgeous place perfect for a wedding has bridal suite and groom suite available.. a full bar and room in the clubhouse to have a DJ and dance floor. And adjacent room was large enough for the reception . They had a sit-down dinner with several tables and lots of room even had a 4 tiered wedding cake and still had more than enough room. Highly recommend renting this place for any type of wedding anniversary or birthday paety.

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Henry Calloway

Overall Rating: 1/30/2019

One of our favorite course's to play in NC. They treat you like family. Course in great condition. Tee boxes make it enjoyable. Not an easy course but enjoyable

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Frank O'Brien

Overall Rating: 1/25/2019

Place is very nice. Weather conditions were not conducive to golf with rain and wind and expo. Layout was good. Lots of water. Enjoyed the day and want to go back when the weather is better

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Ted Pappayliou

Overall Rating: 12/19/2018

beautiful layout, great condition but staff was not too friendly.... almost like they did not want YOU at THEIR club

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Todd Harrison

Overall Rating: 11/16/2018

Outstanding people were very friendly and helpful course was very wet but still a great place to play very enjoyable experience

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Rick Elrod

Overall Rating: 11/6/2018

Great course. Nice people. Wonderful 19th hole.

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d lee

Overall Rating: 10/26/2018

The course with in great shape. Greens were quick. Staff is super friendly. Awesome place to grab a meal.

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Johnney Davis

Overall Rating: 10/18/2018

Had a great time and the course was excellent very challenging but fair. The staff was friendly and went out their way to make our experience enjoyable.

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Victor Kazanjian

Overall Rating: 10/6/2018

Beautiful place, but not a playable course for the average golfer. Literally the hardest pin placement on every hole. I'm sure very good golfers love it, but us regular guys struggle here. It is in great shape, though, and the buildings are all very nice.

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Tony Alatis

Overall Rating: 8/27/2018

Courses in great shape I always have a good time when I play golf there I'll be sure to come back I shot a sub 90 par which is uncharacteristically low for me but I had a great time

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J David Hanzelko

Overall Rating: 8/11/2018

Great golf course. The fairways and greens, after weeks of rain are almost back to what everyone has come to expect. Once this rain stops, if ever, and the course drys out you can expect to be hitting your approach shot from some of the best fairways in the area onto fast but fair greens that are as smooth as a baby's ###. In my opinion the Thistle Golf Course is a must add-on to your golf bucket list...

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John Brand

Overall Rating: 6/19/2018

This is a top course in the area. The greens had some minor spots on them but nothing that was too bad. The staff was very friendly and courteous. The only reason I did not rate this five stars was because I think there are a handful of 5 star courses in the area and this isn’t quite there.

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Buddy Spruill

Overall Rating: 5/17/2018

My reason for a 1 star review is based on one simple thing... lack of respect for not disclosing the shape of the greens when booking the tee times. It is obvious that there was chemical damage to the greens. I can't imagine it was weather or winter as out of the 27 holes I counted 10 holes that were 90% damaged and I mean pure dirt with small patches of grass. I counted another 9 holes that were 30-60% damaged. Other area courses for much cheaper are in phenomenal shape. Beyond that, they were very furry (trying to let them grow in I assume) and they were fertilized. Nothing rolled true, hitting chatter and fertilizer along the way. I own a business and I find it appalling that a company would know their product is in that kind of shape and charge full price for their product and not disclose it upfront. If they would have disclosed this information and dropped their rates, I would have still played and been aware. The sad thing is that it is a beautiful course and phenomenal layout. I bet when the greens are in great shape, it's a very fun course. Because of their lack of respect, I will be scheduling our group of 30 players for our upcoming trip for a week at another facility.

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