Sandpiper Bay Golf and Country Club

Sandpiper Bay Golf and Country Club  Sandpiper Bay Golf & Country Club, designed by Dan Maples, is a unique 27-hole course geared toward players of all skill levels. It is one of the most high-quality courses in the Myrtle Beach area and features several award winning challenges. Guests are treated to plenty of Southern hospitality so that they feel as though they are being welcomed home rather than just coming and going. A combination of the friendliest staff and best gameplay experience entices players to come back year after year. The course makes use of MiniVerde Bermuda greens that were recently placed after the Club's major renovations. Impeccable standards are a high-priority but the top priority of Sandpiper Bay is the guests. Not more than a 20-minute drive from Myrtle Beach, this course rests in the heart of a lovely and relaxing community known as Sunset Beach. The course compliments the restful town with lovely natural surroundings, well-maintained greens and fairways, and plenty of gameplay fun and surprises. Sandpiper Bay is carved into the awe-inspiring coastline of North Carolina, known to many as the Grand Strand. Natural pine forests helps set the path of the course in order to create subtle doglegs and elevated greens. There are elevated tees in order to present a challenge to avid players while beginners can take their place comfortably on regular tees. However, the regular tees provide a plentiful challenge to low handicappers as well. Despite the relaxing setting, this course will entice players to think about every shot before taking them. This course is a favorite of Myrtle Beach Golf Authority's Golf Director.


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Sand Course                    
Hole # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  
Black 562 173 384 400 559 177 354 163 419  
White 536 165 354 393 549 172 342 153 412  
Gold 494 135 312 369 510 138 310 123 385  
Red 445 112 221 319 454 103 258 101 311  
HNCP 3 8 5 2 4 7 6 9 1  
Par 5 3 4 4 5 3 4 3 4  
Piper Course                    
Hole # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  
Black 379 571 193 504 402 185 567 194 404  
White 369 563 177 496 373 162 536 178 395  
Gold 337 523 134 468 341 123 494 159 367  
Red 300 470 108 406 245 89 424 110 300  
HNCP 4 3 6 9 7 8 2 5 1  
Par 4 5 3 5 4 3 5 3 4  
Bay Course                    
Hole # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  
Black 550 420 206 352 207 366 362 432 555  
White 524 377 193 319 190 328 330 397 518  
Gold 482 335 164 264 147 281 301 346 458  
Red 444 311 145 215 110 262 210 311 423  
HNCP 2 7 3 8 6 9 4 5 1  
Par 5 4 3 4 3 4 4 4 5  

800 Sandpiper Bay Dr. ,Sunset Beach NC 28468

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john hill

Overall Rating: 7/24/2020

Nice course. Its a 27 hole course and they tell you which 18 to play. A little confusing to get from one nine to the next. Greens were in great shape. Fairways were nice as well. Food is cheap and the tea is great if you like sweet tea. Staff was friendly.

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Dale Gaff

Overall Rating: 7/5/2020

Course in reasonable shape. Biggest problem was making us pay $25 dollars for personal cart to properly social distance. Played yesterday. Not many people on course. Plenty of carts. So pure greed in charging for separate carts.

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Overall Rating: 5/27/2020

Course Condition:   Greens:   Layout:   Pace of Play:   Courteous Staff:   Amenities:   

Course was in great condition. However cart paths are in need of repair.



Overall Rating: 5/26/2020

Course Condition:   Greens:   Layout:   Pace of Play:   Courteous Staff:   Amenities:   

Course was in great condition. However cart paths are in need of repair.


eric mathis

Overall Rating: 3/10/2020

Fantastic facility. Professional and maintenance staff have done a great job to host any large event. Highly recommend this club when in Myrtle Beach.

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Ethan Adler

Overall Rating: 3/6/2020

Beautiful course, 27 holes to play. Many alligators and other wildlife. Probably my favorite course in the area. Staff very friendly, good pace. Recommended course to play if on vacation, locals fly through but are respectful and generally stay out of the way. Some fun unique memorable hole locations as well.

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Ben Weems

Overall Rating: 2/28/2020

Nice course but not nice enough to overcome the extreme rudeness and lack of service from the staff. Granted we played after a lot of rain so it was cart path only. We had the earliest tee time of 9:02 for a group of 4. They didn't pull out golf carts for us until 9:05 approximately. Get to the first tee and the lady wants to do group pictures. So by the time we teed off it was around 9:15. Get our 9 finished and the cart cleaner jumps all of us and goes to each cart complaining and telling us how our round took 3 hours and they close at 5 and we won't have time for 27 holes. It only took us 2.5 hours to complete the first 9. Not bad for cart path only. We then go into the clubhouse to get something to eat with our lunch voucher and they tell us those are meant for after the round. One of the guys in the pro shop comes up to us and tells us we don't have time to eat that we're only allowed 5 minutes at the turn and if we took longer we'd lose our spot. So we order something off of the lunch to go menu which is just basic sandwiches.... They make them to order!! It took 10 minutes to get a ham and cheese sandwich. We go back outside and the same guy that fussed at us when we went in comes back at us again and this time he has the guy from the pro shop with him and they all fuss at us and are extremely rude. The cart cleaner harassed us and would not quit coming to our group and saying something to us even after we turned 9. We got our 27 holes in by 4:55 so all of this was for nothing. It also turns out that the locals know about how terrible the staff is so the reputation locally isn't good. Won't be coming back to this course

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Clayton Ray

Overall Rating: 2/28/2020

If I could select zero stars on a google review. I would do that now. The staff at the course is unbearable. They are down right rude and I frankly felt unwanted and not welcome. It made our clubhouse experience and course turns hostile. Although it had been heavy rain before our round the course conditions and layout were decent at best... Do your golf group a favor and avoid this establishment and enjoy a round at one of the many other venues around Myrtle Beach.

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Steve Enney

Overall Rating: 1/11/2020

I think I should go back in the spring. The fairways needed work, but it was winter. The layout was very nice.

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Bill Sbardella

Overall Rating: 12/11/2019

Nice force and always well unkept with a great staff to mange the course

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Alan Sheppard

Overall Rating: 11/5/2019

Great golf course even though a fair distance from Myrtle Beach where we were staying. Good greens even in November.

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Jeffrey Riter

Overall Rating: 10/24/2019

Very nice, well maintained course. But the lack of customer service really took away from the experience. Very rude, felt like airport security.

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Artie Charbonneau

Overall Rating: 8/28/2019

Great day, tournament well done...staff did a great job. Food from mission BBQ delish. Course in good shape

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Jeannette D'Abbondanza

Overall Rating: 8/8/2019

The fairways and tee boxes were in great condition. The greens had just been punched Monday, but they gave us a great rate. Had a blast playing with some good friends.

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Stephen Stanley

Overall Rating: 7/23/2019

We golfed at both Sandpiper Bay and Oyster Bay during our time at Sunset Beach, and considering everything, I would highly recommend the former over the later. The staff at Sandpiper Bay were top notch, and the course itself was in great shape. The only noticeable thing we saw was that the cart paths were in need of some repair, which is to be expected at a highly frequented course.

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Jeffrey Gillen

Overall Rating: 7/3/2019

The golf course itself was very nice for the $30 greens fees (booked through Golf Now). One of the employees in the pro shop was a bit of a jerk. We arrived only 10 minutes before our tee time and when we were paying he replied you guys are late. Not real customer friendly. The rest of the staff were fine. We actually teed off 1 minute prior to our tee time and played behind the slowest group I've played behind in quite a while. They should worry more about pace of play then people showing up only 10 minutes before their time

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Henry Calloway

Overall Rating: 6/30/2019

One of our favorites in North Carolina. 27 challenging but fair picturesque holes. Fees are very reasonable.

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Joseph Longenecker

Overall Rating: 6/24/2019

Had a great time my favorite course down here

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Patrick Manning

Overall Rating: 6/1/2019

Nice layout. Well priced.

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Mark Parsons

Overall Rating: 4/14/2019

Could the golf staff be any more uptight and douchey. The food staff was awesome and nice so that is why it gets more than one star.

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Craig Yarnall

Overall Rating: 3/29/2019

Outstanding facility, professionally maintained, three courses available, staff is excellent, bar and restuarant on site, and delicious, you need to stop by.....

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Jeff Barratt

Overall Rating: 3/27/2019

The practice facility is great! With your tee time you get one bag of warmup balls(25 balls maybe?). The range is grass tees and there is a great chipping and putting area also. There is 27 holes here, we played Bay and Sand. The course was in decent condition. It was windy on this day and the course played much tougher. The tee boxes, fairways and Greens were in great condition. The practice green didn't roll anything like the greens on the courses we played. The practice green was lightning quick and the other greens rolled much slower. We will return if we can find a deal for this course. I believe they might overbook tee times so we were about 20 mins late teeing off. The starters staff was great communicating this.

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Keith Wilson

Overall Rating: 3/27/2019

Great course with a very good staff that goes above and beyond to make it a good time for you

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Mark Childers

Overall Rating: 3/17/2019

What a great day. Sandpiper Bay was in great shape and a challenging course.

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Cadence Burney

Overall Rating: 2/22/2019

Its nice and all these nice old people always say hi with there dogs by there sides also there's a nice resetraunt! Well if you must know I didn't order anything but I tried my parents pasta and chicken I would give the food a 4 1/2star rating.

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tom boski

Overall Rating: 2/20/2019

Worth it to play here. 27 holes of great golf. Play 18 with a $10 9 hole replay.

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Denzil Poore

Overall Rating: 2/6/2019

Had a great round today. Teed of at 11 and finished before three on a pretty busy day. Course is still wet in areas but it was 90 degree on most holes. Great hotdog deal...2 for $4. Check in was a little confusing but no big deal. Starter was very helpful and friendly. Oh...the $35 to play before noon was a very good deal. Will play again

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John Wynne

Overall Rating: 1/15/2019

Wonderful golf course with three nine's. Fairways & Greens in excellent shape. FUN golf course.

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Damian Pearson

Overall Rating: 12/28/2018

Nice track with good bones but staff needs training. I am really over the rude staff in the myrtle. It’s the same at all the courses. Surly starters and staff. Please hire some energetic friendly people. There are too many options around this area for golfers to deal with pesky staff. Service service service. No thanks Sandpiper, we will stay at Thistle. In reading reviews, I’m definitely not the only person to complain about your staff. Good luck growing your course with these people.

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Howard Montross

Overall Rating: 12/5/2018

Course is better than ever. The greens are FABULOUS.

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Mike Howard

Overall Rating: 10/29/2018

Course was in good shape. Greens were fast but fair. Would play again.

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Don Vance

Overall Rating: 10/5/2018

Good three hole courses. New greens on Bay course we're true and fast

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Debra Davidson

Overall Rating: 9/27/2018

Fairways & greens are in excellent condition. Rates are reasonable & staff are very friendly.

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Vincent Colangelo

Overall Rating: 9/3/2018

Terrific service staff. Good layouts, fairly priced. Always a challenge, but fair. Rates, OK. Highly recommended.

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Jonathan Peske

Overall Rating: 8/28/2018

Played here on 8-20-18 and again on 8-23-18. Course is in very good condition considering the harsh winter that crushed numerous courses in Myrtle. Sandpipers winter strategy "gamble" paid off, because this course is in way better shape than others we played during the week! Excellent, friendly staff and courteous GM Tim even took 10 mins to intorduce himself. He kindly conversed and asked how we enjoyed our round, and thoroughly explained the work that had to be done on the course to get it in this shape over the last 6 months. This course is currently A Great Experience at an extremely affordable price, thus why we played there twice during our vacation week! 27 holes also makes for a great change by playing different nines each round. Will return! Thank You Tim and your fantastic staff!

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Barbara Peters

Overall Rating: 8/24/2018

Love their golf course. The greens are a little slow but get better each week. One day I'll be saying they're way to fast! Lol

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Shawn Settlemyre

Overall Rating: 6/23/2018

Played there 2 weeks ago and the course was in great shape other than the 4 temporary greens. Once they get those greens back to par it's a must play. The "beer" lady was awesome. Hope to come back next year with all greens playable.

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Matthew Nicholas

Overall Rating: 6/21/2018

Friendly and helpful staff. Cart paths are shaded which is nice. Pretty course inside a golf community. Free driving range with your round.

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