Pawleys Plantation Golf Course

*** Closed until 6/21/2021

The Pawleys Plantation Golf and Country Club is a reflection of plantation golf at its best. This Jack Nicklaus Signature designed course opened in 1988, and features an 18-hole course with a slope rating of 140, and moss-covered tall oak trees hovering over the landscape. Traditional golf design makes Pawleys Plantation Club a golfer’s haven. This historical site is a must play and is deemed to be one of the most prestigious golf courses along the Grand Strand. This Lowcountry setting affords golfers the ability to experience southern charm as they golf in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Pawleys Plantation Golf Course

Nicklaus created the course with no shot the same. Skillfully positioned undulations, cunningly placed bunkers, and an abundance of water hazards adds the bells and whistles to Pawleys Plantation. Golfers must play with a keen eye and strategize every shot since this course demands concentration. TifEagel greens and a gentle slope provide ease to a golfer’s stroke. The coastal scenery of this Myrtle Beach golf course is breathtaking. Be careful not to be distracted as you play the Par 3’s at the back nines. The 13th hole is surrounded by marshland and has a reputation for challenging all golfers.

Located at the southern end of the Grand Strand, this plantation golf resort offers a professional clubhouse, restaurant, pro shop, golf school, and more amenities. After you finish playing 18 holes, head into the restaurant where you can enjoy a cool beverage. Pawleys Plantation Golf and Country Club also offer a variety of tee times to fit any schedule. Need accommodations, great food, and a full day of challenging and rewarding golf? Then this is your course! The best golf tee times can be found here.


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Hole # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  
Gold 511 461 194 543 390 432 172 452 416  
Blue 495 441 170 498 371 391 151 419 387  
White 484 408 162 468 353 382 131 387 358  
Yellow 426 354 127 450 322 367 124 361 351  
Red 395 314 125 419 272 366 112 286 310  
HNCP 15 1 11 13 5 7 17 3 9  
Par 5 4 3 5 4 4 3 4 4  
Hole # 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18  
Gold 361 563 382 145 525 391 444 201 443  
Blue 330 548 345 115 495 374 423 167 402  
White 301 542 331 69 471 364 405 139 372  
Yellow 278 442 309 40 446 351 360 122 342  
Red 249 373 269 40 409 281 322 117 317  
HNCP 10 6 18 12 14 8 2 16 4  
Par 4 5 4 3 5 4 4 3 4  

70 Tanglewood Drive ,Pawleys Island SC 29585

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Rebecca Boncheck

Overall Rating: 7/14/2020

Love this course, very lady friendly, well maintained with lush fairways and tight greens. Pro shop and attendants are super nice. Many trees covered in Spanish moss, beautiful flowers and great history. Historic markers are laid out about the course, I learn something every time I play.

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Perry Gard

Overall Rating: 7/1/2020

We were fooled by tee times express and by recent google ratings. The greens are absolutely the worst I have ever seen. They have lost many greens to insects and the recent aeration was poorly done and not rolled. I'm shocked they charged us. Bunkers have more weeds than sand. Guy in club house is surly. Beverage cart sold me $3 peanuts that were stale because of a hole in the bag. On the bright side the starter is very friendly and carts are very nice. It is a shame because this used to be our regular when we did vacations to the area.

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willie todd

Overall Rating: 6/20/2020

Great Golf Course and it is one of best in the area.

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Brad Moffett

Overall Rating: 3/18/2020

Golf course was in excellent shape. It is a very tight and challenging layout. There is a lot of water and some of it is not obvious from the tees or hitting areas. Of the courses at Pawleys Island that we play, it is the one I like the least. That is probably just personal, but there are several holes that just don't fit my eye. It is also a course that takes a lot of course knowledge to play well. Worth a visit if you are playing in the area, but it wouldn't be my first choice. I would likely go with the Tradition or the River Course.

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Greg Pons

Overall Rating: 3/10/2020

The golf course was in excellent shape. All of your associates including the guys at the bag drop, pro shop and snack bar were very friendly and accommodating to our every need.

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Dave Force

Overall Rating: 3/7/2020

Great people, great golf course!!! Can't say enough about how well everyone went out of their way to make our rounds of golf there very enjoyable. Course was in exceptional shape, greens rolled well, they have a great clubhouse, it was just a very enjoyable place to play.

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Andy M

Overall Rating: 2/16/2020

Day 2 of our 3 day golf trip. Played The River Course yesterday. Willbrook is more established, some tight fairways and alot of water to carry. Wasn't in the best shape but fairways and greens were great. Alot of the holes are doglegs left or right with precision off the tee required to set up your approach into the greens. If you haven't ever played here bring a rangefinder or GPS to give you distances to edges of fairways on doglegs.

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Fred Komoroski

Overall Rating: 2/11/2020

course was in great shape. Greens were fast. tough pin placement today.

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Michael Price

Overall Rating: 1/28/2020

Awesome Golf course played 50+ times!

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Devin Johnson

Overall Rating: 1/25/2020

Middle of January and the greens were true and fairways were in best shape possible even after a rain

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Barney Evangelista

Overall Rating: 1/17/2020

Willbrook is one of my favorite courses in this area. Interesting layout and superb conditions.

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Monty Goff

Overall Rating: 11/10/2019

Beautiful golf course with a lot of history.

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Tom Verna

Overall Rating: 10/23/2019

Course Condition:   Greens:   Layout:   Pace of Play:   Courteous Staff:   Amenities:   

One of the best golf courses in the area. Friendly staff and course management team. Always a pleasure to visit.


Greg Smith

Overall Rating: 10/13/2019

Top shelf course. Impressive and fairly difficult. If you're a novice I suggest plenty of balls?? I'll play it again next year

Source: Google Reviews

Brian Phillips

Overall Rating: 9/26/2019

PROS Fantastic layout - beautiful track Very friendly staff greens were solid and rolled nicely CONS Very wet golf course for the not having rained for a long time it seems like they're over-watering... The Bermuda rough was way too high for a daily fee golf course - we spent a few minutes on many holes looking for balls that were right in front of us. It also made chipping quite an adventure as the ball was sitting down in 4 inches of rough a lot of the time when you were just two or three feet away from the fringe... OVERALL very much worth of price it's a good golf course with nice people - but you better have your tough rough game in order...

Source: Google Reviews

Harold Robb

Overall Rating: 9/13/2019

Course Condition:   Greens:   Layout:   Pace of Play:   Courteous Staff:   Amenities:   

In light of the hurricane (Dorian) that came through last week, the course was in great shape! The greens were heavily sanded and a little slow but also to be expected. The layout is beautiful and your staff were absolutely wonderful. We will definitely return.


Cindy Perkins

Overall Rating: 8/26/2019

Nice course with interesting historical markers to learn about the area. Course is I excellent shape!

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Kevin McDermott

Overall Rating: 7/16/2019

I guess I'll start at the beginning, we pulled into the front gate and were behind 2 landscape trucks the first was held up for a number of minutes, so we pulled over to the other gate and we were told in undcertain terms to get back in line, extremely rude beginning. Next, thru the hot months of the year, i bring dish type towels that I soak in in ice water, to keep cool. The counterperson said you can't bring your own beer on the course..... I explained the towels thing I assured them the small trash can was for towels, they said we can give you a cup of ice. I even offered to pay for ice understanding the demand was great, we come to find there were very few golfers today unless they had a big group coming in after 3:00 and were bogarting (old school term) the ice for later use. Finally the course, nice layout, well placed traps, a few beach size traps that you drive the cart thru, pretty cool but only cosmedic? Dried grass that can only be described as enough mowed grass piles were just short of bales, as in hay. Moving on. Aprons were weed, the greens had been recently aerated, (which i know is a nessacery evil) no maintenance had been done in, I would say 2-3 weeks, it was like putting on a large broiler pan, either along the pans ribs or , even more exciting adventure across the ribs! No attempt to whip the sand down or even roll them. There's more but, bottom line, until you have a great track, great conditions and just overall great experience outside the clubhouse, that would refer to gate and golf. And inside tbe clubhouseally understand youve been around since 1900, but that does not hold frozen water, in the emencly competitive golf business. It brings to mind the book "Who Moved My Cheese" by Spencer Johnson. Good luck!

Source: Google Reviews

Craig Martin

Overall Rating: 6/20/2019

Beautiful course. Tons of history. Real low country course.

Source: Google Reviews

Mary Helen

Overall Rating: 4/28/2019

Even though the course is in good shape, we had a terrible experience with one of the staff members. We arrived 45 minutes prior to our tee time. We wanted to hit balls, but the driving range is not close to the clubhouse, and the staff had no carts available. We finally got loaded up on a cart, went to the practice putting green, and were told immediately to hurry up & get to the tee box. For the second time, the starter waved his hands in the air & shouted at us to get to the tee box, and it was 10 minutes before our tee time. This experience was the most stressful experience we've ever had on a golf course. We want to be relaxed when we play golf, not hurried & stressed. Hopefully, Willbrook will get rid of that starter. There are too many good courses in the area to have to put up with this kind of treatment. And we are Prime Time members, so we have access to 21 other courses. We learned a good lesson to never play Willbrook on the weekend, or when it's busy.

Source: Google Reviews

Russ Bartlett

Overall Rating: 4/15/2019

I like this course. Fairways, bunkers and greens all in very good shape. Nice clubhouse and the staff was great. Very scenic course with some history. I'd rate it a 8 out of 10.

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Blair K

Overall Rating: 4/15/2019

Great course awesome greens well worth the price. And this is coming from someone that played Caledonia yesterday and spent $200 on the round and was shocked that willowbrook is in much better condition. Good job to the Willowbrook staff

Source: Google Reviews

Robbie Bryant

Overall Rating: 4/15/2019

Absolutely a sleeper. The greens are unbelievably good. Not a bad spot on any of them. I've played 200 dollar course that don't measure up to WillowBrook, can you say Caledonia. Serious value for the cost.

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Mike Stover

Overall Rating: 4/14/2019

Great course. One of the best in Pawleys Island. Great service. Lots of wildlife.

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mia loser

Overall Rating: 4/8/2019

Beautiful course! One of the prettiest we’ve played! Excellent customer service as well. Course in great shape!

Source: Google Reviews

Terrence Zielinski

Overall Rating: 4/3/2019

Reasonable course if you can hit your drives and fairway woods. Not a terribly difficult course.

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Lynn Hurrle

Overall Rating: 3/13/2019

Nice golf course, greens were fast which I like. I didn't score to well, hit every trap I looked at. Enjoyed the day and the two gators that were sunning themselves.

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Overall Rating: 2/24/2019

Beautiful course. Definitely adding it to the yearly trip.

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Richard Salberg

Overall Rating: 2/1/2019

A challenging, but fair course. A beautiful setting. If you like fast greens, this one's for you.

Source: Google Reviews

Gene Janes

Overall Rating: 1/30/2019

Awalys love playing that course, great shape

Source: Google Reviews

Gene Janes

Overall Rating: 1/19/2019

Awalys love playing that vourse, great shape

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Luci Gernot

Overall Rating: 11/4/2018

My friends and I had a very disturbing experience at this course. Several men were playing behind us and hit into us four times on the back nine . They admitted it was done on purpose even though we were playing in a timely fashion and could not have played faster. Eighteen holes played in less than 4 hours is more than reasonable. As females, we have experienced discrimination on golf courses. This has been rare, and it was disturbing to experience this. The staff seemed totally disinterested in hearing complaints or aiding us. It is a beautiful course, but we will not consider golfing there again.

Source: Google Reviews

Katharina Marzola

Overall Rating: 10/14/2018

Beautiful golf course in excellent condition. One of the best in the area!

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Mark Wallen

Overall Rating: 8/16/2018

We booked online for 52.00 for a morning tee time through their website. Course is fair and fun to play. However, expect cart path only and the greens were just top dressed and probably won’t be healed up for a couple of weeks. The bunkers were also not raked and wet. They didn’t tell us about any of that prior to booking so needless to say, we felt like they left us in a pickle.

Source: Google Reviews

Matt Mobley

Overall Rating: 7/7/2018

this golf course is in good shape, with a forgiving layout, but lots of hazard. The clubhouse is in a picturesque location under several old growth trees. The staff is friendly and welcoming. Minor details keep this course from earning five stars. The difference between a four and a five in Myrtle Beach is usually minor stuff. This four misses the cut by less than most. Take the trip to Willbrook. You won't be sorry.

Source: Google Reviews

David Custard

Overall Rating: 6/26/2018

I played Willbrook on 6/22/2018 after searching for a nicer course on the south side of Myrtle. Many reviews spoke of so many courses with horrible greens after the cold March. I found Willbrook to be in excellent shape. The course is gorgeous, challenging, but very fair. There is enough mix of water, sand, and strategically placed mossy oaks to get in your head if you let them. Most of the landing areas are wide; greens are very nice. I would highly recommend giving Willbrook a try if haven’t.

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Hans Polzer

Overall Rating: 6/7/2018

Course was in great shape and staff was friendly and helpful. Play was about 4 hours for 18 holes. Price was very reasonable as well. We will come back to play this course again.

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Overall Rating: 4/6/2018

Great golf course , quite scenic ,wildlife everywhere .Love the pro shop and restaurant ,chili dogs are outstanding. Bring plenty of golf balls because the water is definitely in play. If you live in South Carolina consider joining prime times as there are great courses everywhere and you can get preference on rates and tee times.

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