Man O’ War

Located off Highway 501 next to the Carolina Forest subdivision, this Dan Maples Myrtle Beach golf course is WAR…Man Against Course. Man O’ War is a uniquely designed course that pushes golfers. The battle of golf course dominance begins and ends here as golfers play around a 100-acre lake.

Man O’ War

Packed with challenges this 18-hole Myrtle Beach golf course features continuous island greens and an abundance of water. In fact, it is common knowledge the greens and fairways are protected by water. Tip #1: In order to make the perfect shot, it is essential for golfers to be equipped with a variety of clubs to choose from. Tip #2: Play with strategy and pinpoint accuracy to make the shot others could only dream of.

Of all the course holes, the 9th and 16th-holes are the most popular. The 9th Hole Snapshot- The waterway almost entirely protects the left side of this hole with water protecting the right side. Strategically placed sandy bunkers to the left, right, and front of the green, makes this a par at this hole a real feat. The 16th Hole Snapshot- This hole is protected by a tree-lined fairway and pond. The war at this hole is not over until balls safely past the two sandy bunkers that guard the front of the green.

Both avid and novice golfers find Man O’ War to be an experience like no other. Ask any local… and they will tell you hands down Man O’ War is a must play Myrtle Beach golf course. With over 215 days of sun, Myrtle Beach weather provides an ideal climate for your golf vacation. Affordable accommodation options can be booked at area golf resorts as well as Myrtle Beach hotels. Golf in Myrtle Beach and add Man O’ War to the list of Myrtle Beach golf courses to play. Book early and Golf Myrtle Beach!


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Hole # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  
Championship 539 189 400 393 445 189 380 593 433  
Regular 503 153 365 376 417 155 354 558 408  
Senior 469 121 333 332 376 130 325 503 383  
Ladies 436 100 257 304 299 113 305 463 336  
HNCP 3 17 9 11 5 15 13 1 7  
Par 5 3 4 4 4 3 4 5 4  
Hole # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  
Championship 403 372 423 591 382 173 367 201 494  
Regular 374 347 395 547 354 126 329 173 468  
Senior 336 286 367 498 302 87 308 131 442  
Ladies 275 265 329 464 266 70 219 104 360  
HNCP 8 12 6 2 10 18 14 16 4  
Par 4 4 4 5 4 3 4 4 5  

5601 Leeshire Blvd. ,Myrtle Beach SC 29577

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Amanda Fielder

Overall Rating: 12/27/2020

Course Condition:   Greens:   Layout:   Pace of Play:   Courteous Staff:   Amenities:   

Gorgeous fairways and greens! Pace a little slow.


Bryan Perry

Overall Rating: 7/24/2020

This is definitely one of the best tracks in the Myrtle Beach area. If you're looking for a course that isn't impossible but still brings a challenge, this is a great track for you. The views are amazing, there is all kinds of wildlife from herons to bald eagles, definitely a must play if you're in South Carolina!

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Alex kubala

Overall Rating: 7/16/2020

This is a beautiful course with great water features and very nice staff that tried to make things as best as they could be. However, the greens were ok very bumpy and inconsistent. The fairways were littered with mowed grass clippings to the point you couldn't tell fairway from rough. Bunkers clearly have been neglected but I think that's due to covid. Also the maintenance staff has no cares about your golf game. Starting and running the mowers right behind people trying to tee off and hit. Running the mower right in front of you and not getting out of the way. Visually it's the nicest of the 3 mystical courses but could've been so much better.

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Jeff Shrode

Overall Rating: 6/25/2020

Fairways were real good. Greens pretty true. Definitely a must play if in the area.

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Patrick Manning

Overall Rating: 5/31/2020

Very tough for me from the white tees (70 year male; 20 handicap). Might have been more fun from the senior tees. Lots of water! Layout and course condition was nice.

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Charles Sloan

Overall Rating: 1/26/2020

Good place to play for me now that distances are way down. Likeable layout, pretty easy on the knees.

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Overall Rating: 11/29/2019

The years course was in great shape and the staff was very courteous. I really enjoyed myself and will make another trip back soon.

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Steve Kemak

Overall Rating: 10/24/2019

Pase of play was excellent. Fun course to play. Easy to understand flag placements.

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Chris E

Overall Rating: 10/22/2019

Played OCT 21, 2019 - Was able to get a time as a single - which is pretty much unheard of in my golf experienc e- usually it's "come on over and we'll get you out with someone" . The staff was extremely friendly, and chatty for that matter, letting us know exactly what was going on at any given time. I was paired with another single (local guy) and two gentleman from Canada for the round. The course itself had come back quite well from the rain that they got down here on saturday (we came in during the tropical storm and tornado warnings) and was not at all as wet as I expected it to be. The greens, while a little hairy, were receptive and rolled very well. Not sure how they went from "poor" to pretty much perfect in 3 days. Granted there were a couple spots on the 16th green that could benefit from some work, but that was really the only green that had any issue. Overall, i think many walks of player will like this course. As a 4.8 index, i found it challenging even from the "regular" tees. The course has plenty of penalty for errant shots, but it's not incredibly hard, IMO. If you can loop it straight for the most part and put it out there 150 yards you can get around pretty well. The greens will give you a few fits though, as there are a bunch of subtle breaks that - if it had been dry and the greens running super fast - would probably be an issue for higher handicap golfers. All in, Man o' war is really fun. The beer is cold and CHEAP for a golf course. The sand traps could have used some help, but I give that a pass because of the amount of rain that we had experienced, as well as my shared notion of "if you don't like playing from it, don't hit into it". Just a little hard is all. Lost 3 balls in the water, shot 79 for the loop. There are birdies to be had, ladies & gentleman, but they're not going to hand them to you, especially on the par 3s. Pace of play was kind of an issue but to be fair - we made it in about 5:15 and it was cart path only on the entire course. That's very acceptable in my experiences with golf in Myrtle Beach for under $50.

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Mike Shoup

Overall Rating: 10/21/2019

Had 1 o clock tee time on October 17 2019 , arrived and was told they were running 25 minutes late. Round took 5 and half hours and finished in dark. No effort by staff to move players along.Course had decent routing and would have been enjoyable. Greens were poor condition.

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Rich J

Overall Rating: 10/19/2019

Course Condition:   Greens:   Layout:   Pace of Play:   Courteous Staff:   Amenities:   

Course nice, fairways and greens in good shape. Traps a lot of hardpack, maybe partially due to hurricane Dorian. Clubhouse old, tired, needs $ invested. Price value good. Bulkheads, cart bridges over water old, tired, needs $. Not in its hay day any longer.



Overall Rating: 9/15/2019

Course Condition:   Greens:   Layout:   Pace of Play:   Courteous Staff:   Amenities:   

Really nice greens that rolled true and were firm. Course was in excellent shape and was good layout. Loved playing it and would recommend it as one of the nicer courses that won't swallow up your wallet. This is a good choice!



Overall Rating: 9/12/2019

Course Condition:   Greens:   Layout:   Pace of Play:   Courteous Staff:   Amenities:   

Heavy rain the day before made conditions a bit soggy. Had to use cart path. Otherwise all good. Greens fees included lunch. Generous.


Steve Blank

Overall Rating: 8/18/2019

Course Condition:   Greens:   Layout:   Pace of Play:   Courteous Staff:   Amenities:   

Good scoring course. Greens are fast. Club house a little run down needs updating. Rumor of the course become housing development. Sad. Don't need more houses


Richard Burge

Overall Rating: 8/9/2019

Very Fair test of golf. Course was in nice condition and the greens putted true. Can't ask for more than that

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Kurt Weber

Overall Rating: 7/31/2019

Great course! Well maintained. Really enjoyed this course. Drinks are well priced.

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Joey DiPompo

Overall Rating: 7/31/2019

Beautiful golf course. Friendly staff and great greens. Very well manicured and cared for

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Bill K

Overall Rating: 7/27/2019

Course was very well maintained. Greens were very consistent. There was a lot of water but none of it really played into the course. Was disappointed in that aspect. Was expecting the course to be a little more exotic.

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Nick Lynn

Overall Rating: 6/9/2019

Just visited here with a group of 8. What a wonderful time we had. Great course,food and staff. Beautiful course. Had a wonderful time. Highly recommend playing the course along with the wizzard and witch.

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Shane Bradley

Overall Rating: 5/24/2019

Great course. Bring extra golf balls... Lots of water!

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Lennard Pan

Overall Rating: 5/19/2019

The Man O' War is in better condition thank thé 2 other golf courses of thé group (Wizard Golf Link, Witch Golf Links. Defitly those courses need investment to keep their golfers.

Source: Google Reviews

Michel Gilbert

Overall Rating: 5/10/2019

Beautiful course people friendly in the clubhouse fairway screens in excellent condition I will definitely be back to play this again

Source: Google Reviews

Louis Dademo

Overall Rating: 5/8/2019

Great course and great layout. You'll love it! Lots of fun for the price

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Frank Rotonta

Overall Rating: 4/29/2019

The course has a lot of water to cross and avoid. If you enjoy a challenge, you will love the Man O' War.

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Dianne Bohler

Overall Rating: 4/15/2019

Course in great shape but the clubhouse condition and bag drop location need some investment. Snack bar staff very attentive!

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Ernie Steele

Overall Rating: 4/4/2019

Play three days ago course was in great condition only problem they aerated greens. If I knew the greens were aerated I never would have paid the money. They should have told us that the greens were are aerated

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jim ski

Overall Rating: 2/25/2019

Great golf course first time playing there i will be back again

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Gary Balser

Overall Rating: 2/21/2019

Wet & soggy in all the fairways, and un able to drive carts to your ball. Wooden bridges are in very poor and possibly un safe to drive on. Course needs lots of repair.

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Jeff Reid

Overall Rating: 11/20/2018

Course was wet, cart path only but was still fun and

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Woody Jackson

Overall Rating: 11/7/2018

Water everywhere awesome little course we had a great time playing beware of mosquitoes lol

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Thurman thomas

Overall Rating: 11/2/2018

We were the first group off at 730 am the course looked like a hay field!! There Was Three Holes Without Flags we got our cool towels when we were on 17th hole and the free lunch the hotdogs suked!! Great time for 50 bucks none of these coursessions will see me again!!

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Tim Yordy

Overall Rating: 9/6/2018

Pretty good condition although I didn't receive an ice towel as others on here have mentioned. The turkey cheese sandwich was good thanks for two free beers and sandwich that was nice at the turn. Had plenty of time as they don't send people right out the be keep about a ten or fifteen minute delay from group to group so that was nice as well. They actually kept me as a single which is what I'd prefer I hate being paired with others I just like to go out on my own listen to music not too loud of course and play a round at my leisure.. heck I even found 4 pro v1x's when I caught up to the foursome in front of me. Lots of water so lots of mosquitos be prepared by bringing repellent but if not aloe works good for itch relief much like when have sunburn. Greens were fast and I had a blast. Thanks ManO'War for the fun day today.

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Overall Rating: 8/11/2018

Good course, ice towels are a nice touch for the players. The rough is deep easy to lose your ball even when you think you know where it is! Two thumbs up!

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Mike Brinker

Overall Rating: 8/10/2018

Played August 6, 2018 Greens are in phenomenal shape. Unfortunately the rest of the course was almost unplayable. I understand there has been rain in the last few weeks but the fairways were horrific—resembled a weedy, muddy swamp, mower tracks everywhere. Any shot landing on the fairway would plug 2-3” into the ground. Both of our pairs of shoes were completely covered in mud by the end of the round. Tee boxes were largely uncut. We were given a complimentary greens fee as a promotion through our hotel, but were charged $24/person for cart fees which I feel is a huge overcharge, especially considering the current shape of the course. Positives: the girl on the beverage cart was friendly and came around plenty of times during our round. A gentleman came around with ice cold towels and water during our round which was a nice touch.

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Aaron Yanover

Overall Rating: 8/8/2018

Great course, fast greens that roll true, lush fairways, level and well maintained tee boxes. Lots of water but most of it doesn't come into play. Challenging sand traps with some steep lips. The staff is super friendly and the marshals did a good job at checking on the pace of play. The clubhouse could use a makeover but I wasn't there to sit around.

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Matt Lori

Overall Rating: 4/2/2018

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