Lockwood Folly Country Club

Lockwood FollyLockwood Folly Country Club is an excellently conditioned. Bordered by the Lockwood Folly River and the Intracoastal Waterway, the Myrtle Beach golf course leaves amazing memories of tree-lined fairways, quiet ponds, plentiful wildlife and the roar of the Atlantic Ocean surf. Enjoy the two-story clubhouse, the Pro Shop, restaurant, grill, and a beautiful upstairs location/stadium that is perfect for events. 


19 Clubhouse Dr Sw ,Supply NC 28462

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Bill Bachman

Overall Rating: 8/8/2018

Dont know what the problem was with the last 2 reviewers but had they known how bad a winter (and again summer) we had, they might have understood. I played yesterday. 3 holes were cpo due to God made water hazards. Other than that the course was in great shape and the greens were superb. If you're in this area and dont play this course, you'll regret it. BTW - several courses in this area are still cart path only or totally closed. The crew here has done a great job. It deserves 5 stars but I'll wait till the water is completely gone and re-review.

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Tom Collins

Overall Rating: 5/20/2018

I’ve been playing golf for over 50 years. I can finally tell everyone where the absolute worst course, in all aspects, is located. 4.3 stars lured me in. Loved the drive thru the subdivision to get to the clubhouse, but unfortunately that’s as good as it got. 1/2 star is overrated! Sorry, I really love playing coastal golf, just not here!

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bob thompsen

Overall Rating: 4/22/2018

Played here for years usually a fine track Never seen the course in this poor shape Must have spent profits on the new clubhouse

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Rick Sweet

Overall Rating: 1/31/2018

Terrific staff...great food...Jim the bartender makes the best drinks

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Vern Martell

Overall Rating: 10/6/2017

Great staff. Very friendly. Greens were excellent. Good design. 4 hrs and 5 mins to play

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Patrick Glunt

Overall Rating: 6/1/2017

Very nice course. Staff was helpful. Would definitely play again.

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