Lion’s Paw

Willard Byrd’s design of Lion’s Paw Golf Links is acclaimed as one of his finest works. The course provides players the ultimate golfing experience from the first tee. A treasured course among the 5 Big Cat golf courses, it is conveniently located just a short drive north of Myrtle Beach in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina.

Lion’s Paw

The Lion’s Paw is a secluded course that captures nature at its best. This open, hilly and serene course displays the unique views of wetlands and a creek valley. Lion’s Paw has a wide layout with deep sugar-sand bunkers and MiniVerde greens. Beginner golfers take note, Lion’s Paw is unpredictable with many instant elevation changes around each turn. Avid golfers will find the par 3s as the toughest in the Myrtle Beach area. Exaggerating? No. Golfers play over water at three of the par 3s which are a minimum of 175 yards from the white tees.

Golf Digest scored Lion’s Paw with a 3.5 Star rating, and many golf course reviews praise the course as one of the “Top 50 in Myrtle Beach”. The course is part of the Ocean Ridge Plantation’s Big Cat Golf family and without fail… holds the distinctiveness making it the most popular to play. The clubhouse is 23,000 square feet of rustic decor and serves as a refuge after your adventurous day of golf.

Book your tee time now and make Lion’s Paw a favorite Myrtle Beach golf course. Lion’s Paw is an excellent course addition to any Myrtle Beach golf vacation. Remember if you want to tame this wild course, your gameplay should include pinpoint accuracy off the tee and precision iron play.


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Hole # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  
Blue 417 517 204 428 415 228 402 520 386  
White 387 477 178 385 399 175 364 495 352  
Gold 351 433 123 361 366 136 332 478 336  
Red 335 416 108 326 353 125 303 455 305  
HNCP 3 17 7 1 5 9 11 15 13  
Par 4 5 3 4 4 3 4 5 4  
Hole # 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18  
Blue 400 202 383 527 418 445 384 185 417  
White 375 188 372 493 396 408 353 154 369  
Gold 349 172 322 431 393 382 319 131 332  
Red 307 110 300 413 328 366 286 121 298  
HNCP 6 11 10 18 4 2 16 14 6  
Par 4 3 4 5 4 4 4 3 4  

351 Ocean Ridge Parkway ,Ocean Isle Beach NC 28469

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Cole Taylor

Overall Rating: 7/22/2021

Grass in traps. No grass on tees. Almost like no maintenance at all. I wound not waste your $$

Source: Google Reviews

James Polino

Overall Rating: 6/25/2021

Ocean Ridge and the 4 big cats as their golf courses are known are some of the areas finest courses. My favorites are Panthers run and Lions paw. Beautiful grounds and a nice club house with great sandwiches and drinks makes for a perfect day of hitting the greens.

Source: Google Reviews

Robert Morian

Overall Rating: 6/20/2021

The greens need a little work the tea boxes awful and the fairways were burn out that's the best I can say about it

Source: Google Reviews

Lamont Gordon

Overall Rating: 5/4/2021

The course was not in good shape at all. I understand that a tornado went through in February, but most of the fairways are burnt out as well as most greens.

Source: Google Reviews

Josh Eskew

Overall Rating: 5/1/2021

VERY dry. Course layout is nice but everything is dry and hard. Broke a tee trying to get it in the tee box. Fairways equally hard and greens dont hold.

Source: Google Reviews

William Bolt

Overall Rating: 8/6/2020

I would wait a few weeks to play, course was in terrible condition. It stormed at night and the course was open without being cleaned up. Just off the fairways the grass was so high and with crabgrass we couldn't find balls. Greens covered with sand to fill in holes from aeration. Sad good course.

Source: Google Reviews

Bryan Perry

Overall Rating: 6/29/2020

Course is in nice shape. Little wet, but it's been raining pretty hard. Greens are healing nicely after aeration and I was very happy with my experience. I love the cat courses and the rates are amazing right now! Definitely a must play!

Source: Google Reviews

Arthur Fischer

Overall Rating: 5/3/2020

I actually liked Panther Run even though the greens were sanded. I was very disappointed that none of the staff I encountered were wearing a protective mask. The starter came within a couple of feet of my cart and gave me the ground rules w/o a mask. I know that there were many things done to help prevent the spread of this deadly virus, but a chain is as strong as its weakest link! Will surely keep away from this place until things normalize.

Source: Google Reviews

Karen Booth

Overall Rating: 3/15/2020

Someone thought it would be fun to put every hole on a ridge. Greens are hard enough without that. M

Source: Google Reviews

James Kirk

Overall Rating: 2/4/2020

Good price but conditions and overall condition was terrible even greens. Senior tees were placed ridiculously and had no chance of a decent score unless I was 10 years younger. Staff very good but won’t be back!! Meant to say we were playing lions paw.

Source: Google Reviews

John Burchetta

Overall Rating: 1/26/2020

Course is in great shape fantastic greens!

Source: Google Reviews

Allen Cox

Overall Rating: 1/15/2020

Great course. Fun to play

Source: Google Reviews

robert ascoli

Overall Rating: 1/10/2020

Terrible condition...not worth it...too many other courses in the area at a better price

Source: Google Reviews

ty Tracy

Overall Rating: 10/9/2019

Tee boxes and greens need maintenance. Nice layout, but poor conditions. Lions paw.

Source: Google Reviews

Josh Mitchell

Overall Rating: 10/7/2019

Over half the tee boxes look like sand traps. Greens are bumpy, and the entire course is dry. Layout is ok.

Source: Google Reviews

Ti Dri

Overall Rating: 6/1/2019

Golf course burned out. Fairways basically dirt. Lack of water. Greens not in good shape either. Still coming back from last year it looks like. Took our money and made no mention of conditions. Service lack luster. The positive reviews on here must be from members not wanting to lose money due to course condition.

Source: Google Reviews

Ti Dri

Overall Rating: 5/28/2019

Golf course burned out. FairwYs basically dirt. Lack of water. Greens not in good shape either. Still coming back from last year it looks like. Took our money and made no mention of conditions. Service lack luster. The positive reviews on here must be from members not wanting to lose money on due to course condition.

Source: Google Reviews

Randall Petrich

Overall Rating: 4/21/2019

Nice course but nothing spectacular.

Source: Google Reviews

Bryan Nealy

Overall Rating: 4/12/2019

Always love the course because this is where I started playing twenty-some years ago!

Source: Google Reviews

Nate Jones

Overall Rating: 4/9/2019

Great golf course. Greens are fast and in great condition. Pace of play for 18 holes is very good. I'd play here again!

Source: Google Reviews

Jeff Forrest

Overall Rating: 4/5/2019

I enjoyed my round at Panther's Run! The staff were very accommodating and friendly. The maintenance on this course was good for early in the season. I would recommend this course!

Source: Google Reviews

Jason Tracey

Overall Rating: 3/13/2019

Just played these courses in the past week . Would play much better if fairways were not plugging. Nothing more infuriating than lost balls in the center of the fairway. All of the Big Cats courses need a month of no rain to dry out.

Source: Google Reviews

Tom Flynn

Overall Rating: 2/10/2019

Stay away from lions paw, the greens looked like the Celtics floor.

Source: Google Reviews

Annabelle Johnson

Overall Rating: 8/30/2018

Lion's Paw the rough would be great a US open. The greens I know were resodded. your mowers need to be sharpened.

Source: Google Reviews

George Piloto

Overall Rating: 8/20/2018

Panthers Run was in terrible shape... early am greens were not prepped and the ruff was incredibly long... spent a lot of time looking for our foursomes balls... Pathetic!!!

Source: Google Reviews

Craig Turner

Overall Rating: 8/17/2018

Lions Paw. Greens roll poorly. Granted they lost them this winter and there all sod but not cut. Fairways ok. Rough is awful. Not cut. If you can even find your ball, you can't hit it out. Can't even find half the rakes around the traps due to the long grass. Not worth the trip from Myrtle Beach. Won't be back to try the other courses

Source: Google Reviews

Landon McDowell

Overall Rating: 8/15/2018

Played Panthers Run on 8-15-18 the course was in very nice condition. The staff were very friendly and course is a first class operation. Thanks for the great time!!!

Source: Google Reviews

Matt Cover

Overall Rating: 5/8/2018

5 stars for friendly service at the bag drop, pro shop, and adequate cart service on the course. Zero stars if allowed for the condition of your greens and the fact you did nothing other to say you were sorry and many courses had the same problem. Played all 4 Big Cat courses with my group, 3/4 courses have rolled, painted mud for golf greens, Leopards Chase is the only course with grass on their greens currently. This apparently happened 2 years ago as well. For a high end resort try investing with a long term weather service so you'll know to over seed in the fall compared to having disgruntled visitors. Offer a rain check for a free round... Or charge your rack rates and get blasted on line for the condition of your courses.

Source: Google Reviews

Tom O'Malley

Overall Rating: 5/3/2018

Great course design and great price. Played here twice in a group of 12 and we all had positive remarks. Right now greens are a little rough but still way better than 3 other courses we played in the area.

Source: Google Reviews

Dave Young

Overall Rating: 4/24/2018

Greens were scalped down to mud and painted green. Must have been a tough winter

Source: Google Reviews