Founders Club

*** Closed until 6/30/2021

The Founders Club at Pawleys Island is one of the newest golf courses along the Grand Strand. Architect Thomas Walker created the contrasting landscape by using waste bunkers and elevated fairways. Players beware...strategically placed pins deem this course as an unforgettable game.

Founders Club

Unlike any other Myrtle Beach golf course, the Founders Club setting is world class and enveloped with a modern design of all natural landscaping. A perfect combination of Emerald and 419 Bermuda grass creates a stunning visual experience on the greens and fairways by providing just the right balance of color and smoothness. The Founders Club is a "must-play" in spite of the ingeniously placed bunkers and named "Golf Course of the Year" by the Myrtle Beach Area Golf Course Owners Association in 2011.

As you plan your next golf trip to South Carolina, include the Founders Club to your list. This club offers an excellent additional to any getaway golf package and tee times fill up quickly. When you finish your round, be sure to head over to the Low-country style clubhouse where you can indulge in a cold beverage while overlooking the 18th-green. Founders Club is located just south of Myrtle Beach in Pawleys Island, South Carolina.


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Hole # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  
Black 381 432 190 395 209 546 396 427 559  
Blue 372 416 175 377 184 525 395 398 534  
White 357 390 166 361 158 518 381 393 493  
Gold 287 358 127 334 134 421 329 297 455  
Red 252 327 106 298 109 381 248 253 397  
HNCP 15 7 11 13 17 1 9 3 5  
Par 4 4 3 4 3 5 4 4 5  
Hole # 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18  
Black 542 186 511 372 449 392 146 501 373  
Blue 529 176 506 359 427 386 140 447 362  
White 510 166 491 341 395 371 135 430 338  
Gold 436 136 436 314 358 296 120 373 295  
Red 397 114 372 281 313 276 110 334 237  
HNCP 8 10 6 16 2 14 18 4 12  
Par 5 3 5 4 4 4 3 4 4  

7829 Ocean Hwy. ,Pawleys Island SC 29585

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Overall Rating: 4/28/2021

Course Condition:   Greens:   Layout:   Pace of Play:   Courteous Staff:   Amenities:   

Greens were best I have ever played on here in the 25 years I have been coming here. Fairways a little wet and in need of grass. Overall a very enjoyable experience, would tee it up here again.



Overall Rating: 12/30/2020

Course Condition:   Greens:   Layout:   Pace of Play:   Courteous Staff:   Amenities:   

Staff was awesome! We were one of the last foursome tee times, totally cas players. Took our sweet time laughing at ourselves and our play. Staff came out to check on us--just to make sure they hadn't lost us--then told us to play on to our heart's content but be reasonable about daylight. We came in having laughed ourselves across our holes, the second-to-last car in the parking lot (the last one, the gentleman waiting to put our carts away). Rather than be annoyed by our leisurely arrival, he was gracious, patient. The course itself is fun--the first few are straightforward, just to lull you into a false sense of security. Then the water features, tall grass, and uphill slalom of hills ('where IS the flag, anyway?!'). Certainly challenging for the more serious golfer, bring your hubris if you're anything less than that and you'll have a blast. The course meanders across roads and neighborhoods (bring your passport, you'll SWEAR you've crossed over a time zone or two!)--but that's not a bad thing. Excellent time to hang with your cart-mate and chat, enjoy your beverage. Enjoy!


Terrence Zielinski

Overall Rating: 1/8/2020

It a very good course for the average player. Not too hard and not too easy. Fairways are in great shape and the greens run true. No excuses for missing fsieay shots or short putts. Carry on!

Source: Google Reviews

willie todd

Overall Rating: 11/24/2019

The golf course is pretty good, greens was a little slow today.

Source: Google Reviews

Chris Crocco

Overall Rating: 8/17/2019

Came up for a last minute weekend away. Course was in good shape and very playable even after the recent heavy rain. Challenging course forces you to make wise shot decisions.

Source: Google Reviews

Scott Sleece

Overall Rating: 6/16/2019

Founders has exceeded my expectations. Great playing conditions. Decision to not overseed this winter has yielded a fantastic track. Thank you Founders staff.

Source: Google Reviews

Jennifer Hupko

Overall Rating: 5/18/2019

Out here for another year of the WAO, thanks for the hospitality & another year of fun and memories!

Source: Google Reviews

Bill Coe

Overall Rating: 4/23/2019

You were is always a treat to play. Seems to always be in the best shape. A challenge to play without any "stupid" holes. I love the lack of cart paths, driving on the waste areas.

Source: Google Reviews

Thom Swift

Overall Rating: 4/20/2019

Great drafts, good service. Cozy

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Russ Bartlett

Overall Rating: 4/15/2019

This course is ok. With it being the farthest course to the south for most golf packages its only worth playing if you are staying in Pawleys Island. Course conditions were good but not great. It's a middle of the road course for the Grand Strand. Many of the holes have waste areas on the side of the fairways. Greens were in good shape.

Source: Google Reviews

Kal OBrien

Overall Rating: 3/28/2019

DONT GOLF HERE. This course was the slowest course I have ever played. The greens are absolutely terrible and we are visiting during season this course also has terrible fairways and the people are rude. I would avoid this course at all cost. All founders club courses are 16 and under golf free with a paying adult but the deal isn’t worth it at this garbage course.

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Nancy Hillier

Overall Rating: 3/22/2019

Lovely golf course. Challenging, but not too

Source: Google Reviews

Jordan Sanyshyn

Overall Rating: 3/14/2019

Worst course I have played in myrtle beach. Staff was horrible and very rude when we finished are round. Worst greens I’ve ever played on and huge disappoint to play. Save your money and go play mini golf!!

Source: Google Reviews

Margaret Lee

Overall Rating: 3/2/2019

This is a nice course. They use to have a free lunch but that is a thing of the past, It is further off from the Myrtle Beach area. There are some water features. You can drive into the sand hazards. If your in Pawleys Island or don't mind a short drive go enjoy this challenge.

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Tim Schoppert

Overall Rating: 2/25/2019

I am a primetime member and the Founders Club is by far the worst conditioned course I have ever played in Myrtle Beach. I drove all the way from Calabash, N.C. and what a big disappointment.

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John Brown

Overall Rating: 2/24/2019

They put us with a great cuple tbat had just moved there.

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Deb R

Overall Rating: 2/8/2019

Layout of this course was terrific. However, greens were just punched and fairways a bit rough. Got it for a deal though. Staff terrific and friendly.

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Jacob Shockley

Overall Rating: 2/4/2019

Nice course and staff.

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Larry Gray

Overall Rating: 1/26/2019

Fun and unusual course.

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James Peterson

Overall Rating: 1/1/2019

Great course. Beautiful course in fact. Greatest course I've ever seen. Other course, not so great. This one however is the best.

Source: Google Reviews

Duane Ratcliffe

Overall Rating: 11/8/2018

Founders Club at Pawleys Island is a great track lovely; safe and fun layout to play in the afternoon as a replay round or in the morning with some good friends! Make sure to bring your flip flops cause it’s sandy out there!!!

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Terry Whipple

Overall Rating: 10/30/2018

Really fun course. Premium on accuracy and very fast greens.

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Michael Wood

Overall Rating: 7/27/2018

Nice people and was once a nice golf course. The greens are in bad shape and the course is not maintained well. What do you expect for $50. I hope they turn it around.

Source: Google Reviews

Emily Tippett

Overall Rating: 7/12/2018

My husband had a terrible experience here. Good news is... he and his buddies got a full refund. BUT the greens were aerated with no warning, but even then, the course was not that nice. Considering this area is known for beautiful courses, it's a shame this one isn't better. If they knew the conditions of the course, they would not have played this course.

Source: Google Reviews

Mike Stover

Overall Rating: 7/11/2018

Fun course. Lots of sand. Great layout with rarely seeing an adjacent hole. Great staff.

Source: Google Reviews

William Robidoux

Overall Rating: 7/10/2018

Great looking golf course. Loved the layout. The greens were horrible. Suffered winter damage. Would play it again if and when they get the greens back. If we had known it ahead of time we would have picked a different course.

Source: Google Reviews

Nathan Maynor

Overall Rating: 4/7/2018

Greens were the best of all 7 courses we played this week. Very consistent. Nice fairways. This will definitely become a regular. Course is in great shape.

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