Caledonia Golf and Fish Club

Caledonia Golf and Fish Club   Caledonia is one of the most prestigious golf courses near Myrtle Beach, and is a must-play for your next Myrtle Beach golf getaway. Surrounded by the majestic live oak trees and blossoming flower beds, Caledonia Golf and Fish Club is just south of Myrtle Beach in Pawleys Island, South Carolina. The air of excitement when you turn onto Caledonia Drive is palpable. Golfers searching for the best course know that Caledonia consistently ranks among some of the finest golf courses in America per Golf Digest and Golf Magazine's top 100's.

As the course designer, Mike Strantz captured Caledonia's pure historic beauty and contoured a signature course like no other. Each turn on the greens is enjoyable as you play some of the most challenging holes on a Myrtle Beach golf course. Caledonia Golf Course is a maximum 6,500 yard-par 70. While the course may lack length, it does not lack in golfers planning while teeing off. Each hole requires golfers to strategically plan their tee shot in order to prevent danger.

Playing a premier golf course that has one of the highest standings throughout the southeastern United States. Caledonia Golf and Fish Club has a gorgeous allure that few courses in the country can match. Despite the many challenging features of this course that makes it perfect for seasoned players, it is also perfect for beginners. Play Caledonia Golf and Fish Club! Book your tee time now and enjoy a memorable Myrtle Beach golf vacation you will not soon forget!

Hole # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  
Black 376 571 187 396 419 157 399 528 118  
Blue 350 553 175 357 387 135 346 512 110  
White 319 516 153 322 347 120 323 477 92  
Red 254 479 126 259 328 107 283 429 80  
HNCP 12 8 14 6 2 16 10 10 18  
Par 4 5 3 4 4 3 4 5 3  
Hole # 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18  
Black 553 167 405 398 415 462 417 175 383  
Blue 531 153 395 380 363 441 400 156 377  
White 518 150 384 354 343 423 375 132 362  
Red 442 135 321 291 290 401 307 121 301  
HNCP 15 13 9 5 7 3 1 17 11  
Par 5 3 4 4 4 4 4 3 4  

369 Caledonia Dr. ,Pawleys Island SC 29585

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Overall Rating: 3/10/2021

Course Condition:   Greens:   Layout:   Pace of Play:   Courteous Staff:   Amenities:   

Outstanding from arrival through departure! Everyone was great, very friendly and helpful. The course including the greens were excellent. Another Mike Strance gem. Looking forward to playing it again!


Neely Ford

Overall Rating: 8/4/2020

This course is in my All Time Top 5. It was great except I played with 2 guys from Chicago and they were not very friendly....but as a true Southerner, I started drinking beers and I made them become chatty.

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Brian Gause

Overall Rating: 7/21/2020

Great lunch with friends. Food and atmosphere always great. Wonderful view of the 18th hole is very entertaining.

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Eric T

Overall Rating: 7/13/2020

Very beautiful course. Course was in great shape and all the employees were extremely friendly. A place I would definitely come back too

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Bryan Fields

Overall Rating: 7/13/2020

My fiancee and I were there for a wedding venue. It's an amazing venue. Highly recommend

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Stephen Barnum

Overall Rating: 6/30/2020

Great staff. Beautiful day and facility. Would love to come back.

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Aidan Garvey

Overall Rating: 6/29/2020

This course is absolutely worth it. The Course was something that I’ll never forget. Staff was great about everything it really was first class. It’s was an amazing round.

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Patrick Kelsay

Overall Rating: 2/14/2020

Absolutely love this golf course. Just a beautiful place. Staff is awesome and the pace of play is perfect. Have never had to wait on any hole. One of the best I've ever played.

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KJ Hillard

Overall Rating: 1/23/2020

One of the nicest golf clubs ive been to. Scenery, views, people. I was lucky to get to go to a wedding and play this course

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Jeff Clark

Overall Rating: 1/16/2020

Awesome golf course & locale. The drive up to the clubhouse is SPECTACULAR. Live oaks full is Spanish Moss - so beautiful ??

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Paul Livingston

Overall Rating: 1/3/2020

Beautifully designed and nicely maintained course. Pleasant and attentive staff.

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Brian Nogay

Overall Rating: 1/1/2020

The course really is excellent. Fantastic greens and fairways, even after heavy rains and it being the winter. The people are nice and the pace is good. It deserves it's high ratings.

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top hauler

Overall Rating: 12/21/2019

Burger wasn't seasoned or juicy,other than that its the most beautiful public course i have ever played. I have teed off at nearly 100 different locations so that should speak loudly.Deep waste bunkers so bring ur razor sandwedge for cutting strokes.I see why they have a superintendent and a horticulturist on staff,because they have high standards for attention to detail.Defintely love the fast great shape greens and fairways.25th anniversary pricing online made it very worth while to play today.

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Ann Jacobs

Overall Rating: 12/16/2019

Great way to spend a December day in first year of retirement. Awesome greens. Unfortunately cart path only, but hey I got 12,000+ steps.??

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Robert Fitch

Overall Rating: 12/5/2019

UPDATE: The course pro called and made it right. I was impressed with how he handled a rather delicate situation. Well done Caledonia. We will be back! Avoid this place. The course is in terrible shape and the customer service is horrible. Marc is the assistant pro who called us lairs when we called about a golf cart that wouldn’t run. He made us push the cart for 5 holes until he sent someone to replace it. When we asked after more phone calls why he hadn’t sent a new cart he said he never received an earlier call. We have a record of all the calls on our phone. This place has gone way downhill. They should be ashamed.

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Gerrick Gann

Overall Rating: 11/23/2019

One of the most beautiful courses I've ever played. The chowder at the turn was incredible. What an experience!

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Scott Streiffert

Overall Rating: 11/20/2019

I had lunch at the restaurant while attending an investment seminar. The grilled chicken sandwich was excellent as was the service. Beautiful view of the golf course, which is one of the more picturesque in the area!

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Lee Vermeer

Overall Rating: 11/3/2019

Course Condition:   Greens:   Layout:   Pace of Play:   Courteous Staff:   Amenities:   

Incredible staff and golf course. This is a strategic course. Bombers will have little advantage here. This is a must play for everyone. Friendly tees for short hitters. Try the fish chowder at the turn!


Mike Stover

Overall Rating: 10/30/2019

The Crab cake we're delicious!! I and my friends love everything on our plates. We will be back????

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Marlene Reed

Overall Rating: 10/26/2019

Great views. Greens were in a bit of rough shape. Really sandy. Unsure if it was due to the amount of rain they had over the weekend or not. The 18th hole was pretty sweet and I really enjoyed the commentary from the overlooking porch. There was a group of like 8 buddies on the porch when I arrived. They seemed to really enjoy that aspect and I’m sure I would too. I would like to return with my friends. I do wish they didn’t start me on the back first. You lose what makes this course so cool - the finishing 18th hole. Instead, I had the luxury of ending on hole 9 which played at like 100 yards.... lame way to end an otherwise cool round. If I’m paying $169 for a round I want to play the course in the way it was intended to be played regardless of pace of play.

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Jordan Pedersen

Overall Rating: 10/22/2019

A beautifully maintained course that plays incredibly well. The comments from a month ago regarding bad greens have been completely resolved and rolled perfectly today 7-23. The entire course was pristine. Lived up to the hype and then some.

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Lance Elicker

Overall Rating: 7/24/2019

Course is in great shape. Beautiful. Could play here 7 days straight and enjoy it more every time !

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Trevor Willis

Overall Rating: 6/10/2019

This was one of my favorite courses to play this week. The signature hole on 18 was cool to finish up on. Our group all had par to finish up the round.

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Douglas Fritz

Overall Rating: 5/28/2019

We love Caledonia Golf & Fish Club.. As local wedding photographers this is by far one of our most favorite wedding venues in Pawleys Island, South Carolina. if you choose this as your wedding venue, you will not be disappointed. Must see it to understand it.

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Pasha Belman Photography

Overall Rating: 5/21/2019

Imho, more interesting and more beautiful than Augusta. You have to play (or certainly visit) Caledonia. Just do it!

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Maurice Kraut

Overall Rating: 5/6/2019

Beautiful piece of land for a golf course. I enjoyed the views and the holes were memorable. The shape of the course left much to be desired. The greens were in bad shape and many areas were painted or filled with green soil mix. This is not acceptable for a top 30 course.

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molly 1

Overall Rating: 5/2/2019

All I can say is wow. What a golf course. Our group loved this golf course even though we had to play it in the rain. Staff was friendly and accommodating as we waited for the course to dry out. Favourite golf course we played in myrtle beach area.

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Michael Dixon

Overall Rating: 4/26/2019

very nice course. went in early April. weather was good, course was mostly in great shape. a few wet spots, which made parts soggy/muddy. but overall a very good experience.

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Luis Morales

Overall Rating: 4/22/2019

Pretty surroundings but they overbook & slow play is the result. Greens were in very poor conditions painted green some of the worst greens I have ever played on. Some interesting holes 18 is great hole. Starter pretty full of himself. Carts constantly telling you speed up and there is no where to go ?? Thought Pawleys Plantation was a much better course and conditions. Other than the drive up to the club house I wasn't impressed. I'd stay away for a month at least we played indigo and they had crab grass growing on the greens and those greens were still better than Caledonia's greens.

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John Stevens

Overall Rating: 4/1/2019

Pretty surroundings overbooked slow play course Greens were in very poor conditions painted green some interesting holes. Starter pretty full of himself. Carts constantly telling you speed up and there is no where to go ?? Thought Pawleys Plantation was a much better course and conditions

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John Stevens

Overall Rating: 3/31/2019

If you know anything about golf courses, this place is magical. The winter was wet, cold and extremely rough so the greens aren’t what they normally are year in and out. But they will be back in the normal Caledonia shape that I’ve come to know over the years. So please stop with the complaining!!!! They still have the best staff. From the bag drop attendants to the pro shop, the guys are all professional and accommodating. You hear, “welcome to Caledonia” which makes you feel very comfortable and wanted. If you are in the area this is a must play!!!!!! 5/5 stars easy.

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Mike Honcho

Overall Rating: 3/29/2019

Great place for lunch. Delicious food, great views and friendly service. Loved the Reuben, and my family loved the BLT, regular club sandwich and the Cajun club too!

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Paula Carter

Overall Rating: 3/15/2019

Our group was really looking forward to playing Caledonia, but the greens were in awful, terrible condition (12 March 2019) and this really ruined the experience. I feel the club should be providing some kind of a discount. The design was OK, but, I am not sure why all the raving about the course layout as compared to others we played on the trip. If you have this course in your rotation in the next few weeks, I would advise you to switch to another one until the agronomy improves.

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Michael Hawley

Overall Rating: 3/15/2019

Had lunch here and everyone liked the food. Absolutely beautiful golf club and area. Restaurant is open to public for lunch.

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david macphee

Overall Rating: 3/15/2019

I had been excited to play this course for a while as I have lived in Myrtle Beach for the past four years. People rave about the conditions and layout. So I had a friend visiting from out of town this weekend and we played on Sunday. It was the most disappointed I have ever been with a golf course. Especially for the money that they charge. The greens were the worst that I have played in the myrtle beach area. Bare spots, not cut and rolled. The fairways were shaggy and patchy and areas had little grass. The bunkers were not maintained and the rough had spots in it that were right off of the fairway that were bare. I am an avid golfer and was really excited for this course. I left extremely disappointed. Not sure how this has received too course in the area for years? It is a hike to get down there, layout was ok but gosh was the maintenance poor. If you are planning a trip to Myrtle in the next month or so- many better options. Save your money. Feel like we were taken advantage of for what we paid with the condition that this course was in.

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Chris Martin

Overall Rating: 3/3/2019

This is a great place for engagement pictures. The entry roadway with the live oaks and moss is beautiful. They are also very friendly and don't charge to do engagement pictures on the property. You just need to sign in first at the pro shop.

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Ryan Smith

Overall Rating: 2/28/2019

Amazing layout and beautiful features but the greens were absolutely terrible. Tons of rain this winter has turned them into boarderline unplayable. Not the clubs fault but for the money there are much better options in the area. Would be 5 stars without the issues with the greens.

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Josh Pepper

Overall Rating: 2/25/2019

We enjoyed a catered lunch there and were quite pleased with the landscape and ambience of this former rice plantation.

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Bob Ciminel

Overall Rating: 2/21/2019

Love caledonia. Beautiful. Good conditions. Greens slower than normal.

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Cindy Clark

Overall Rating: 1/28/2019

This is my favorite course when I come down to South Carolina. I have played here each year since 2004. Beautiful course and a great staff who work to make your round as enjoyable as possible. Just the right amount of challenge to the course to keep us coming back every year! I consider it a must play!!!

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Todd Rist

Overall Rating: 1/24/2019

Pam and Jim were wonderful! Great food and atmosphere. Best view in Pawleys! You must go!

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Peggy Blanton

Overall Rating: 12/31/2018

Great course...excellent conditions...beautiful day to play.

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John Dzik

Overall Rating: 12/7/2018

Great course however for $170 , no towels and no driving range, are you kidding me Jay.

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Sher Nasir

Overall Rating: 11/4/2018

Best golf experience. Great course. Great time hanging on the wraparound porch at the 19th hole watching approach shots

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Barry Cioe

Overall Rating: 10/14/2018

Great experience. Course is in amazing shape, the staff is amazing from start to finish. Make sure to get some of the complimentary chowder before the round. Great touch!

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Kiel Roeschke

Overall Rating: 10/8/2018

What a beautiful course. Played as a single on a weekday late afternoon off-season and had a chance to really enjoy the course. From the tree lined drive to the 18th green, this place is a top notch golf experience. The layout is wonderful and the course architect did a great job of retaining some of the beautiful old trees throughout the course. The course itself is challenging yet not overwhelming and is very well maintained. It may cost more than the other area courses, but it is worth it. I fell into a late day $69 rate and it was worth every penny.

Source: Google Reviews

John Clark

Overall Rating: 9/5/2018

This course has everything! It’s challenging, it’s beautiful, and it’s perfectly designed! Even with the bad weather Myrtle had, they were one of the smarter courses to cover up their greens! Just finished a golf trip, and I can easily say this is the best course I have ever (and likely ever will) play. An absolute must if you are doing a golf trip. It’s a bit of a hike to get to from Myrtle beach, but I’d make the trip 5 times over to play it again!

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Philip Benninger

Overall Rating: 8/31/2018

Play here every year on vacation. A little pricey but worth the trip if you enjoy the scenery, trees and flowers. Golf course is always in great shape. The course is very playable but the numerous small bunkers and sloped greens can pose a real challenge.

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Erik Doran

Overall Rating: 7/6/2018

Great course great lay out. Great staff.Now that being said. The only thing that anointed me completly and the reason I will never play it again is the bunkers. Not one of them was ranked. Not one. Looks like not raked in days. $179.00 for golf and you have to deal with that. Not me again that's for sure.

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Bryan Goulet

Overall Rating: 5/26/2018

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