Blackmoor Golf Course

Blackmoor Golf Course is one of the more popular courses in the Myrtle Beach area because of its distinguished origin. The course is the only one in the area designed by world famous Grand Slam career winner and golf course architect Gary Player. Player created the course to accommodate players of all ages and skill levels, seemingly targeting the average players in most hole designs. However, there are plenty of opportunities for seasoned players to test out their skill levels and flex their ability to handle their swing.

Blackmoor Golf Course

The heavily wooded surroundings pose a fun challenge but the generous fairways leave plenty of room for forgiveness. Golfers that enjoy a challenge can make their way to the eighth hole, which offers a split pathway decision to the green. Plenty of doglegs provide an interesting design challenge and narrow starting fairways make it vital to set the ball up right. The course is exceedingly fair despite holding just enough challenges to captivate avid golfers to keep them coming back for more.

Player designed the course so that the back nine entices them to gamble a little more with bold moves. The tenth hole on the back nine is an uncommon left dogleg, which makes one of the most challenging designs on the course. The playing experience combined with the scenic beauty, particularly that of the winding Waccamaw River makes this course a very accommodating and fun experience for friendly group entertainment, family fun, or a challenging yet fair play for seasoned golfers.


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6100 Longwood Dr. ,Murrells Inlet SC 29576

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Michael Miles

Overall Rating: 6/18/2021

Course Condition:   Greens:   Layout:   Pace of Play:   Courteous Staff:   Amenities:   

The experience was great overall. Efficient and friendly staff. The course was in good condition as were the bunkers. I will be playing here next time I am in the area.



Overall Rating: 3/10/2021

Course Condition:   Greens:   Layout:   Pace of Play:   Courteous Staff:   Amenities:   

Very nice place. Everything is always wonderful


Kevin Singletary

Overall Rating: 8/7/2020

Played 18 holes in July 2020. Course was in decent shape but with recent rains, etc. not perfect at that time. Overall enjoyed the outing and the staff was friendly. As a single player, they had to juggle me around to find someone to play with, but thankfully I was paired with a gentleman who lived on the course and was good company.

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James Green

Overall Rating: 7/22/2020

This place had very rude employees they alot of attitude right after they messed up and overcharged us for extra 9 holes. There are many nice places to play in this area I DO NOT recommend wasting your time here.

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Seth Howell

Overall Rating: 7/13/2020

Excellent! Friendly people. Nice course. A definite stop if you play golf. Pretty and well maintained course.

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Peggy Antunes

Overall Rating: 5/27/2020

Beautiful shape. Played today, March 18th, and very nice. This course is well taken care of always

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Landon Summerlin

Overall Rating: 3/19/2020

Played Blackmoor on March 9th with a group of 24. Wow-what a beautiful course layout..The bag guys, the starter, the clubhouse people were all great to deal with on this day. The course was in immaculate condition. The area had about 3 inches of rain 3 days earlier but the course was great . It was fairways for the carts, the bunkers were clean and the greens were in great shape. I would recommend this course for the low to high handicappers. Very fair course, no trickery and fun to play. My guys have said "put this one on the list again for next year". The ultimate compliment for a course.

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warden 52

Overall Rating: 3/18/2020

Looking good...hard work after all the past rain. Come on and play you will enjoy

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Robert Beck

Overall Rating: 3/14/2020

I played this course on Labor Day last year and didn't think much of it. I've played it a few times since and couldn't believe the difference. They overseeded and made drainage improvements. It's now, in my opinion, the most improved course in the area. It has the ability to become a 5 star rated course in the Murrells Inlet area.

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Bill Tomajko

Overall Rating: 3/8/2020

Enjoyed playing this course. Course had experienced an overnight downpour and cart path only was in place , but still very playable. Terrific greens. Pleasant , helpful staff make this an overall great golf outing.

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Randy Bernard

Overall Rating: 3/5/2020

Course Condition:   Greens:   Layout:   Pace of Play:   Courteous Staff:   Amenities:   

Friendliest golf course in the Myrtle Beach area. Blackmoor honored a two year rain-check even though I forgot to bring it to the golf course. The Marshall offered us water every 3 or 4 holes. The snack bar lady gave me free coke refills. We only paid $20 per golfer to play 9 holes on a course in Good Condition! Awesome Service!


Scott Holland

Overall Rating: 10/18/2019

Very well maintained course. And a challenging course. Buy the Platinum card, and it's a great value playing this course using the card.

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Pau Cou

Overall Rating: 9/15/2019

Nice course. Good driving range and practice putting. Way over priced for locals! Nice course for golf package vacation play. They tax your golf price 2x what other courses charge!

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William Knox

Overall Rating: 9/14/2019

Great course in good condition. A lot of doglegs and some blind tee shots. Junior tees make it great for beginners.

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Mike Stover

Overall Rating: 8/21/2019

Great little course, probably should have played one tee back so we could have hit driver more. Greens rolled pure and held well even on short approaches. Definitely would play again, but this time the black tees may be better if you drive a ball 270+

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Overall Rating: 7/21/2019

Course Condition:   Greens:   Layout:   Pace of Play:   Courteous Staff:   Amenities:   

Great course for us amateurs. Not too long. Well maintained.


Michelle DB

Overall Rating: 7/21/2019

Great woman-friendly course. Woman's clubs are excellent and like new. Greens are smooth and true.

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Maria Kent

Overall Rating: 7/6/2019

This has long been our favorite course in MB. We usually finish the week here. Not likely to change our view of the course as my son shot a 75 today. Staff is top notch and very friendly. Course conditions are good, with some rough spots marked as ground under repair. Several years ago, our tee time got messed up, but the staff comped our round later in the day and we were treated like royalty. As with most area course, very tight and here there is only one dog leg left, with all others to the right. My son plays a pretty draw, but the course favors a fade. He never hit driver and still shoots 75 from the white tees. I could go on, but you get the idea. When looking south, play Blackmoor.

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Ward Clark

Overall Rating: 6/21/2019

Blackmoor is a fine beach course. Fun, and challenge, and!, I just birdied #5! Sweet!! ??

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Bruce Eide

Overall Rating: 6/17/2019

It is a nice course. Front 9 is much easier than the back, though both are challenging. It is very tight, so if you’re off with your tee shots it is very hard to score. Lots of dog leg rights - so for a slicer it is great course for your game. Greens were in alright shape, but there was some burned out spots. Cool design by Gary Player and reasonable price.

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David Moore

Overall Rating: 6/11/2019

Very nice course. I would play their again

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Benjamin Rozak

Overall Rating: 6/4/2019

Great woman friendly course. Woman's clubs are excellent and like new. Greens are smooth and true.

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Maria Kent

Overall Rating: 5/24/2019

Played 5-1-19. Course was in good shape. The greens were a little bumpy but still seem to putt true. Staff was friendly except for the range who told me I wasn't allowed to play the back tees even thought I'm a USGA qualified scratch golfer. Shot 74...

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Corey Lowe

Overall Rating: 5/2/2019

Course in great condition except for one hole near road construction. ( not course fault). Service is so great, everyone very friendly. Great bloody Mary's and good grille selections. Enjoy the historic side of the course, lots of southern history including a graveyard (free drop and cursed ball if you slice into it). Beautiful Spanish moss and flowering trees, lady friendly T-shirt boxes take hazards out of the way. Reasonable pricing, part of the Platinum group and Myrtle Beach passport, but even if you aren't a member of those, price is worth what you pay.

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Rebecca Boncheck

Overall Rating: 4/19/2019

very nice course and well maintained, the staff was top notch and an overall great experience.

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Eric Mackay

Overall Rating: 4/17/2019

Course is in beautiful shape. Had a fun round, looking forward to the next one.

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Dianne Bohler

Overall Rating: 4/15/2019

Out of all the golf courses I've been to as a guest with my sister & brother-in-law, I like this course the best.

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Teresa Wall

Overall Rating: 4/7/2019

Fantastic golf course. Great people working at the club

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Thomas Greene

Overall Rating: 3/21/2019

Greens are in great shape,need to let the grass grow on the fairways.

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Bill Konecny

Overall Rating: 3/3/2019

Great layout, excellent pace-of-play and a lady friendly course. The staff is completely courteous and friendly. One of my favorites!

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Deb R

Overall Rating: 2/7/2019

My son came up from Jacksonville Christmas day to spend a few days with me. We went and play 18 holes the day after Christmas and it was great, we enjoyed it very much. If you have never played it before do it you will not regret it.

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David Shuler

Overall Rating: 12/27/2018

Great golf, great staff, great wildlife, had great playing partners. Merry Christmas!

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Bret Godfrey

Overall Rating: 12/23/2018

Had a great time. Reasonably challenging course. Very friendly staff.

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Rick Nielsen

Overall Rating: 10/19/2018

Course is coming back. Played today and avoided most of the rain. Greens were great Staff is always friendly.

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Frank O'Brien

Overall Rating: 10/9/2018

The course was in great shape all things considered . We've been disappointed at course conditions this fall . I'm guessing its the Hurricanes fault . The greens were good with only a few bad spots. The fairways were good & the bunkers were consistent. This course requires some shot making and the use of almost every club in the bag . Don't let the short distance fool you . Friendly staff and a fair price . We'll play this one again

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Bob Sugar

Overall Rating: 10/6/2018

In full disclosure I have not played this course. I called to find out what the rate was for "locals". I was told "it varies. It could be $40, or $41 or $45 if its busy. It depends ". What the hell is that? If you don't know what the rate is, I dont need you! There are too many good courses to be bothered by this nonsense.

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Bill Bachman

Overall Rating: 9/8/2018

Courteous staff. Only negative they never mentioned back to back to back par3's. A nice course in general.

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Ron Beach

Overall Rating: 8/24/2018

Very nice course in decent condition. More than average number of dogleg holes. My son and I had a good golfing experience.

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Matt Mobley

Overall Rating: 7/7/2018

I am surprised that so many people enjoy this course. We played it in June 2018 right after they had started fixing the greens, which I totally understand as the winter was a rough one. The fairways had some bare spots and the bunkers were in okay shape. What I couldn't stand was the design of the course. Simply put, I am not a fan of playing so may doglegs, let alone 90 degree doglegs. If you are a long hitter who hits the ball right to left, this course will not suit you well. Having to hit 5 wood or hybrid off the tee on multiple holes got very old.

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Jake Sciaudone

Overall Rating: 7/6/2018

Here on vacation, we were directed to Blackmoor Golf from our instructors. Both my wife and I are new to golfing. The staff at this facility were extremely friendly and helpful. The starter even took time to talk to us a few minutes, he suggested we start on the back nine since it’s less challenging since we told him we were beginners. He also said he would start the other groups behind us out on the front that way weren’t feeling pressured. Both my wife and I really appreciated the extra time he took with us as well as helping us out with our time management. By the way the coarse was also very nice. Good fairways and greens. Even as a beginners we recognized how nice it was. You wil definitely enjoy your self.

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Mark Fitzgerald

Overall Rating: 5/10/2018

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