What Is The Weather Like In Myrtle Beach?

Mild temperatures and lovely weather make Myrtle Beach a top vacation destination. The exciting Myrtle Beach area is set right on the endless water of the Atlantic Ocean where the Gulf Stream keeps temperatures moderate throughout the year. The gorgeous Myrtle Beach weather is one of the main reasons avid golfers choose to vacation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. This appealing area is teeming with manicured golf courses where you and your family can enjoy a relaxing round of golf, work on your swing with a pro and even sit down to a savory meal.

The sunny Myrtle Beach area experiences over 200 days of blissful sunshine each year. This delightful weather makes Myrtle Beach, SC a renowned golf destination year round. The average winter temperatures in Myrtle Beach, SC hover in the 40's & 50's, while June, July and August see temperatures in the 90's. Towering pines and distinguished magnolias create the perfect Southern backdrop on many of the golf courses in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The humid climate promotes a wide array of beautiful plants and flowers that flourish throughout the year and add a splash of color to the well-maintained golf courses.

You and your family will have a wealth of golf courses to choose from when you vacation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. This resplendent area has more than 90 golf courses and is often referred to as the “Golf Capital of the World.” The attractive weather and breathtaking views attract vacationers from all over the world to this premier golf destination. The Myrtle Beach golf courses will treat you and your family to a golfing experience unlike anything any other.  

There is a fantastic selection of public golf courses to choose from when you visit Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Each of the Myrtle Beach golf courses near your vacation rental offer inspiring views of the natural beauty of South Carolina. The pleasant weather and comfortable temperatures in Myrtle Beach, SC make this the ideal vacation destination for the avid golfer. This desirable weather also guarantees that the fashionable Myrtle Beach golf courses have the pristine greens and lush landscapes that you and your family expect.

There are several Myrtle Beach golf courses that feature inspiring views of the turquoise water of the Atlantic Ocean. The Gulf Stream blesses this charming area with warm winter temperatures to keep you and your family out on the golf course year-round. In the warmer summer months, The Gulf Steam creates gentle ocean breezes that keep this enchanting coastal area cool. This unique weather makes Myrtle Beach a sought-after golf and vacation destination.

The award winning Myrtle Beach golf courses are warmed throughout the year by the inviting South Carolina sunshine. These championship golf courses will knock your socks off with cheery weather and favorable temperatures regardless of the time of year. You and your family will be surrounded by a multitude of peaceful golf courses when you stay and play in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Throughout the year, these welcoming Myrtle Beach golf courses will have the temperate weather and fantastic greens you and your family are looking for in a golf destination.