Tee It Forward

In an attempt to enhance the overall experience of the game of golf as well as speed up gameplay, the PGA and USGA implemented a program a while ago, known as "Tee it Forward."  Here is some information for those that may not be aware of this: what this program entails is that golfers should match their skills and abilities with the appropriate tee box.  Tee it Forward encourages golfers to select the tee box that best suits their average driving distance. If golfers choose to embrace this proposal then they should see their handicaps drop!

When golfers move forward a tee box they have the potential to add even more excitement to the game of golf. Take approach shots for example, golfers that normally hit a hybrid or low iron from the back tees may have a mid to high iron into the green which could ultimately lower their scores. In theory, when golfers play from forward tees it will result in fewer shots and fewer lost balls, something that every golfer should aim for while on the course.

*This chart should be used as a basis to assist golfers in selecting the appropriate tee box to hit from in order to optimize gameplay. 

Tee It Forward
Driving Distance Recommended 18-hole yardages
275 6700-6900
250 6200-6400
225 5800-6000
200 5200-5400
175 4400-4600
150 3500-3700
125 2800-3000
100 2100-2300

Take this useful information into account the next round of golf that you play at any of the fantastic Myrtle Beach golf courses.  You'll be glad that you did.