A lot of the golf courses across America are open – and most are open along the Grand Strand – but all of us have seen disruption to the normal pattern of the spring and summer season, while not an extraordinarily huge inconvenience in the big picture of things. Quarantine, lockdown, self-isolation, whatever you have decided to call it, the last few months have provided time for reflection and in my case, made us more appreciative of the little things, a category we think golf falls into. So, let’s explore some ways that the COVID-19 pandemic could change our approach to the game that we all love so much.  (By the way, these aren’t specific changes to the Grand Strand, I’d say it’s golf in general).

Appreciate the opportunity to play. Many of us have taken for granted the weekend tee times or even that afternoon nine after finishing a day at the office. We are now thankful to be able to play an outdoor game that provides both exercise and the ability to enjoy fresh air, things that we feel everyone will enjoy and possibly lead some people back to the sport. With the appreciation for the ability to play should lead to less frustration on the course. In light of what has happened the past few months, a three-putt from 20 feet isn’t really that big a deal.

Perhaps some of the measures that have been implemented to keep players safe may continue even after the virus is no longer at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Things that we can do to reduce the spread of any illness is a good thing and some of them – like mobile check-in and no starter tickets, immediately come to mind and have no negative impact on your experience. I might even say that some are a good thing that speed up play and make it easier to enjoy your round.

The 2018 decision by the USGA to allow players to leave the flagstick in has proven to be impeccable timing (who would have thought?), and I’d expect the number of golfers who take advantage of this new decision and leave the stick in to grow exponentially. If nothing else, leaving the flag in should help somewhat improve pace of play, and even provide a more sterile environment.

Expect online tee time bookings to continue to accelerate as more and more people return to normal activities. Sure, people booked online before this whole virus mess, but that number was small relatively to the other goods and services. Golfers are now increasingly booking online to reduce potential contact in the pro shop, and we see that trend continuing to grow due to convenience, ease of use and to save time.

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