You don’t have to live in South Carolina to know that playing golf in the summer heat can be hazardous to your health. Even the northerners down for a summer vacations are known to complain about the relatively high humidity they experience sometimes in June, July and August along the Grand Strand.

Instead of whining about the weather, though, we are going to give you reasons to stop worrying and learn how to love hot weather golf! Just follow these few simple “Summer Golf in South Carolina” tips for a safe and happy hot weather golf season in Myrtle Beach.

1. Avoid mad dogs and Englishwomen

After all, these would be the only ones to venture onto the fairways and greens at high noon, when the heat and humidity are at their fiercest. Early tee times make the most sense for lots of reasons, but if you must golf during the sizzling part of the day, keep on reading.

2. Put down the Budweiser

“Just the water, ma’am, just the water” - should be your mantra while playing golf, especially during the heat of summer. It may seem obvious that you have to hydrate yourself to battle summer scorchers, but many golfers seem unaware of the dehydrating effects of soda, beer and other alcohol. It doesn’t hurt to start hydrating before you even hit the course – water is the key during the heat.

3. Let the grass grow

Health experts suggest that you cut down on nonessential outdoor tasks like mowing the lawn. We know that a round of golf does not fit into the “nonessential” category, so eliminate the mowing, weeding and power-washing to save your energy for those truly indispensable chores, such as smacking a little white ball with an oversized club head!

4. Step away from the table

You may think that ingesting a bunch of carbs like you would before running a marathon would be the way to go, but scarfing down a spaghetti dinner before hitting the golf course is a hot weather golf no-no that will weigh you down and may cause more than just your golf cart to boil over. We suggest maintaining energy throughout the round by snacking on fruit, nuts and veggies.

5. Cover up those six-packs (and we don’t mean hide the Budweiser)

We know you worked hard all winter to get in shape but you’ll want to swap that close-fitting spandex designed to showcase your toned abs for more breathable attire made of cotton or moisture-wicking fabrics. Save the spandex for the nighttime entertainment……..

6. Break out the pastels

Light colored shorts and polos reflect heat better than darker colors. Really, who hasn’t dreamed of pulling a Greg Norman and teeing it up in only your birthday suit when it’s so hot? OK, that may be more of a nightmare for you, but this is one time when you might want to thumb your nose at the dress code and go for white or pastel shorty-shorts. 

7. Lather up

Don’t skimp on the sunscreen and lip balm in you don’t want to turn into a lobster. We suggest that you apply water-resistant 30 SPF (at least) sunscreen one hour before exposing your skin to the sun and reapply as needed. Remember this catchy phrase: “don’t burn, reapply at the turn.”

8. Accessorize

Hats and sunglasses are musts during the hot Myrtle Beach summer sun. Wide-brimmed hats provide the most protection, a baseball cap with a visor will offer some shade, or you could go all in with sombrero (although, that may not be the fashion statement you wish to make, but it’s your call). Glare-reducing polarized sunglasses are probably the most effective at shielding your eyes from damaging rays.

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