When planning a golf trip or playing a round of golf at one of the 80+ golf courses along the Grand Strand, one important factor that you may want to include in your decision making is Myrtle Beach Golf Course Reviews.  Each golfer is different and each will have their own opinion, but Myrtle Beach golf course reviews offer you a glimpse into the round of golf on that particular day for that individual golfer.  We invite you to check out some of the websites listed below and research the courses that you are interested in playing.  Of course, please remember that as with any review site, these Myrtle Beach golf course reviews are each golfers personal opinions and observations on the day that they played the course – things could have changed!  It is our hope that these sites will give you information and allow you to decide which courses you would like to play.

Myrtle Beach Golf Association Websitewww.mbga.com

Myrtle Beach Golf Association continues it’s commitment to providing the traveling golfers with the most complete information on Myrtle Beach golf course reviews. The Myrtle Beach Golf Association provides the traveling golfers’ candid, insider information on each of the 100+ Myrtle Beach golf courses, as well as the Player’s Top 25, Myrtle Beach restaurant reviews, Myrtle Beach weather conditions, Myrtle Beach golf course ratings, Myrtle Beach golf course rankings, Myrtle Beach golf maps and more. Of Course Myrtle Beach golf course reviews are the main ingredient in this website and is based on feedback from the golfers and industry insiders.

World Golf Website:  www.worldgolf.com

World Golf is a website that is powered by The Golf Channel.  A website that is known around the world, they also have a special destination section where the Myrtle Beach area is featured.  In this section you will find the Myrtle Beach golf course reviews from their partner, Golf Digest.  Myrtle Beach, S.C. anchors the "Grand Strand," which spans from Brunswick County in North Carolina, to historic Georgetown to the south. Myrtle Beach is one of the most golf-rich regions in the world. It also ranks at the top in variety, garnering the nickname, the "supermarket of golf." Myrtle Beach long ago shed its reputation as a bargain-basement destination and today there are more than a dozen ultra high-end courses ranging from $150-200 in the peak season - still a tremendous bargain versus most other destinations in the world. 

Golf Digest has been especially kind to the Grand Strand, ranking 10 of its courses in its "Top 100 You Can Play" list, more than any other destination in America.

Myrtle Beach Golf Authority Website:   www.myrtle-beachgolf.com

Myrtle Beach Golf Authority is the leading golf vacation package provider in the area.  They book golf packages at all of the 80+ golf courses around the Grand Strand.  With all the play that they book on the courses, they also review the courses and allow their golfers to review the courses that they play as well.  If you are looking for non-biased Myrtle Beach golf course reviews, the Myrtle Beach Golf Authority Website can provide you will plenty of information on the courses that you are thinking of playing.