Medieval Times

Medieval Times in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is more than just a children's entertainment venue. The atmosphere of this favored getaway can be enjoyed by individuals of any age. There are plenty of thrills and unrestrained entertainment thanks to jousting events, knights riding horses, and delicious food fit for a king or queen encompassed within a castle shaped building.

The overall purpose of the venue is providing a unique type of dinner entertainment unlike any other that you have ever experienced. The meal consists of a four-course feast complete with plenty of tender juicy meats such as spare ribs and roasted chicken. The best part about dinner, aside from the entertainment, is the medieval style in which the food is served. You receive no silverware! In other words, you must eat your food with your hands. It is the messiest bit of fun that you and your family will ever have the opportunity to experience.

Make reservations for your family for Medieval Times and experience chivalry, rivalry, and revelry all at once. There is no better way to complete a Myrtle Beach vacation than stopping in at Medieval Times.

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