Brookgreen Gardens

Brookgreen Gardens is a life changing and amazing attraction in Myrtle Beach that features plenty of family-friendly entertainment. This beautiful garden museum houses a number of attractive floras and natural vegetation. The setting is picturesque, almost as if an artist walked through with his palette of creative colors and brought to life his most vivid and vibrant works of art.

The garden setting is considered a National Historic Landmark, making it a popular attraction among both tourists and locals. The Gardens offers terrific value and handicap accessibility.

Parents can take their children for a leisurely stroll through the relaxing and breathtaking setting of surrounding floras and faunas. A Keepsakes Shop provides garden goers with plenty of unique gifts to take home with them as reminders of their trip to Myrtle Beach. The Pavilion Restaurant or Courtyard Café offers individuals with plenty of tasty meal options suitable for both adults and children. The Welcome Center offers push-style strollers so that parents do not have to worry about carrying their children throughout the entire garden setting.


There are plenty of beautiful flowers, sculptures, and even a zoo for viewers to enjoy. Adults and children of all ages will appreciate the natural beauty of Brookgreen Gardens.

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