Oyster Bay Golf Links

The Oyster Bay golf course is a famously designed golf course by Dan Maples and Larry Young. This course reflects their talent and experience as they created a challenging, yet captivating Myrtle Beach golf course. Located across the border in NC, Oyster Bay is just a short distance from North Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand area. Rated by Zagat Survey in 2009 this is one of “America’s Top Golf Courses”! This is an unrivalled and top notch Lowcountry’s “unknown gem” as referred to by many golfers. Oyster Bay is considered a key role player in the Legends Golf Group and ranks also among the” top 50 best public resort courses” to play in the country with surprises and challenges around every turn. As a tranquil and renowned course, all golfers enjoy the breathtaking views of natural beauty, aquatic birds and alligators that peer from the water hazards.

Oyster Bay Golf Links

Oyster Bay Golf Links has undulating greens with skillfully placed deep sand bunkers, plus holes surrounded by marshlands and finger-lakes. This North Carolina golf course is a Par-70 and plays 6,685 yards from the back tees. Oyster Bay Golf Links features two iconic island green Par 3's. Oyster Bay’s most striking features are the abundance of lagoons with massive tree-lined fairways. Both avid and beginner golfers will enjoy this bay resort golf experience.

For a perfect golf vacation, Oyster Bay offers a 30 tee driving range and operates with a professional staff. Golfers beware and don’t be intimidated by all the hazards- just make sure your shots are well thought out. Book your tee time now, of all the golf links courses Oyster Bay is a must play. Oyster Bay Golf Links is a favorite of Myrtle Beach Golf Authority's Golf Director, Cathy Z.


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Hole # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  
Gold 390 450 460 190 550 165 390 160 560  
Blue 380 420 425 180 530 155 380 150 550  
White 309 359 394 159 473 135 333 139 470  
Red 265 320 320 135 380 95 275 100 450  
HNCP 7 1 3 11 9 17 13 15 5  
Par 4 4 4 3 5 3 4 3 5  
Hole # 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18  
Gold 440 450 370 330 535 210 470 165 400  
Blue 430 430 360 320 525 135 450 120 385  
White 399 400 313 276 474 103 389 106 345  
Red 250 360 260 230 410 85 360 75 295  
HNCP 4 6 18 14 16 8 2 10 12  
Par 4 4 4 4 5 3 4 3 4  

614 Lake Shore Hwy 179 ,Sunset Beach NC 29579

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Scott Stintsman

Overall Rating: 6/12/2019

Beautiful course. Very challenging highly recommend it.

Source: Google Reviews

Stanley Rogoff

Overall Rating: 6/10/2019

Good prices and food. People are very nice.

Source: Google Reviews

KC Hailey

Overall Rating: 5/31/2019

Service at the front desk, food & beverage cart & inside food supply personnel was great, but the course is suffering like many this time of year with extremely dry conditions. The fairways had brown patches in areas & some of the greens were with fungus in some areas. The greens were still significantly better than many courses, rolling very true.

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Overall Rating: 5/6/2019

Excellent layout, condition of the greens could be better, clubhouse desperately needs remodeling, employees friendly and helpful.

Source: Google Reviews

Ron Schott

Overall Rating: 5/3/2019

This is a beautifully laid out golf course with an abundance of great scenery and wildlife. But the course itself is very poorly maintained. I played this course 10 years ago and swore to myself that I'd never go back. But as I was setting up courses for this year's trip, I was promised that Oyster Bay was now in great condition. Nope. It was horrendous 10 years ago and this year it was only slightly better. The main concern is the greens; there were quite a few greens with little or no grass at all and quite a few more with knobby tire tracks running back and forth. That will be my last attempt at Oyster Bay.

Source: Google Reviews

Al Noblin

Overall Rating: 4/28/2019

Nice course, scenic, not as difficult as some on the Grand Strand. Some greens in rough shape. Will be back.

Source: Google Reviews

Donald Vidler

Overall Rating: 4/13/2019

Not impressed other than seeing the 'gators. Poor condition, staff not terribly friendly.

Source: Google Reviews

Jimmy Guraya

Overall Rating: 3/28/2019

I would give it zero stars but don’t have that option. $106 for the round on a dirt track and painted greens. You do get breakfast, lunch and a couple of drinks included. I guess that’s to soften the blow of providing such bad playing conditions. This Course is an embarrassment to the Legends courses. Legends should disown this place as quickly as possible.

Source: Google Reviews

J Schreiber

Overall Rating: 3/28/2019

I will NEVER play here again. 1st off, the bag guys need their coffee in the morning apparently. I tried speaking to two of them when I arrived asking a question and both ignored me and went on to help other people. I paid over $100 to play the round and then they want to nickle and dime you for $5.00 more for about 20 range balls in a bag. Then at the range, you can't even hit driver because you will hit houses at the end. Range is only 250 yard long. Then you get to the 1st tee and the starter tell us the bunker on the left is 170 out. I hit an iron i hit 210 all day long and I'm in the bunker. NOT 170! Then, like being in the sand isnt bad enough, there is a large tree blocking the next shot. Greens were mostly painted green dirt. Very few seemed to have actual grass. NEVER AGAIN!

Source: Google Reviews

Big Irr

Overall Rating: 3/25/2019

very pretty course. Lottsa Alligators. we were paired with another 2 some and everyone commented on how bad some ot the tee boxes were, they were never mowed. Quite a few of the greens were in rough shape. Very challenging course.

Source: Google Reviews

Jesse Ingleton

Overall Rating: 3/16/2019

Just over the border technically a NC Course not a SC. GOOD PUTTING GREENS. GOOD smooth ROLL. Challenging but, decent needs a slight upgrade.

Source: Google Reviews

Von Conley

Overall Rating: 3/11/2019

Played 3/9/19. The front was cart path only and needed to be as it very wet in areas. On the back carts were allowed on the fairways. Overall the course played well. The rough is still dormant, but will likely start greening up soon. Several alligators were out sunning on the back nine.

Source: Google Reviews

Greg Howard

Overall Rating: 3/9/2019

Great value, beautiful course, great service.

Source: Google Reviews

Derek Campbell

Overall Rating: 2/28/2019

Feb 27th Review: Fairways are average, not enough grass and many bare spots. Greens have been heavily used, with numerous ball marks, and divots; grass is fairly torn up. Due to precipitation course was wet and ground was more of a hard packed mud. Of the five Legends courses, I would say Oyster Bay is the most torn up and in need of some serious work.

Source: Google Reviews

I.E. Xam

Overall Rating: 2/25/2019

Very nice course- alot of water views and of course water holes. Above average difficulty but if you play the green tees not so difficult. Course conditions were very good indeed- fairways and greens both. Very good value for the golf as they offer a free lunch and two drinks including draft beer. Two minor complaints- for players new to the course the path and holes are not marked at times. We got lost more than once. Some of the cart paths need repair.

Source: Google Reviews

John Cifelli

Overall Rating: 2/19/2019

Breakfast, lunch and 2 drinks. You cannot beat that

Source: Google Reviews

kevin hollar

Overall Rating: 12/7/2018

One of my favorite place to play golf I love the course and the views on every hole

Source: Google Reviews

George Dugan

Overall Rating: 11/21/2018

Oyster Bay is a very good test of golf. The layout had some real challenges with deep traps, meadow lined fairways and numerous lakes. The course suffered some grass damage last winter due some unseasonably cold mornings that affected the course's fairways and some greens. These have all been fixed and are in great shape. Being a Legends Course, with your tee times you are given a buffet breakfast and a lunch choice that includes two drinks (soda or beer). You can't beat it.

Source: Google Reviews

Joe Ward

Overall Rating: 10/15/2018

Extremely disappointed... should have kept it closed until it was fully fixed. My biggest complaint is the course rangers were complete morons. They absolutely had no clue what they were doing not to mention extremely rude to our group. We will not be coming back to this course nor will I ever recommend this place to anyone..

Source: Google Reviews

Dean Laigle

Overall Rating: 10/14/2018

Rudest Rangers Ever! Played on Oct 13, 2018 with a 9:48 and 9:53 (?) tee time with a small group and my 83 yr old father who has diabetes and is limited because of his health. Asked the pro if we could take him a little further to the ball as long as we exercised common sense and discretion. On the very last hole we parked the cart approximately 10' from the cart path on a very hard and dry path of packed dirt (no water nor grass and very hard soil). The ranger came speeding up and yelled, "2, 7, and 9! Do those numbers mean anything to you?" Before we could explain to him what we were doing he yelled again to stay on the cart path and sped off. Now bear in mind, we all are avid golfers as we always repair our ball marks, divots, and other people's as well so we know our way around a golf course. If for one second we thought we were destroying any part of the golf course we wouldn't have driven there. Another ranger came up to us and told us we needed to pick up the pace. This was ridiculous because not only did we have to wait on every hole to hit our tee shots but we had to wait to hit EVERY shot as well. He needed to go to the group who was "leading" the pack and tell them to move faster, not the groups in the middle. There's a thing called common courtesy and manners and their rangers definitely need to work on that. It's a shame because the cart guys were great as was the pro inside and the waitress, but the two rangers made for a very unpleasant outing. We are coming back down in a few weeks with a group of 48 golfers and we have already scratched Oyster bay off our list as one of the courses to play based on these rude rangers.

Source: Google Reviews

Jeff Matulay

Overall Rating: 8/19/2018

Played two days ago (8/17/18) Front nine is back! Back nine well on its way to full recovery. Let me know if you can find a better value for your hard earned $$$.

Source: Google Reviews

Anthony Schibilia

Overall Rating: 8/15/2018

This is a well designed challenging but fair layout and the greens will come back and this course is definitely worth playing plus two beers and a lunch with your round is great.

Source: Google Reviews

Ray Bargen

Overall Rating: 7/18/2018

Beautiful course. The greens are coming back very nicely after their lost due to the winter. a number of temporary tea boxes right now while they're letting the grass grow on the regular ones but that's not a problem either. Very enjoyable

Source: Google Reviews

Donald Heaton

Overall Rating: 7/9/2018

Greens were not bad, a lot of fairways have significant winter kill, not just in patches, but large areas of no grass. The cart paths are terrible. They also had 5" of rain yesterday and had done nothing to clear the resulting debris all over the fairways. All bunkers had significant damage and were unplayable. The owners are not spending any money on maintenance. Also charged us $35, which in my opinion was at least $10 too much based on the terrible condition the course was in. My first and last time I will play this course this year.

Source: Google Reviews

Clint Roberson

Overall Rating: 6/28/2018

Played 6/27/18. This course was a great value since it included breakfast, lunch and 2 drinks. The course layout was challenging and fun to play. Conditions varied by hole. Some tee boxes were green, others were bare. Some fairways on the back 9 were recently areaiated, the front 9 was nice. All the greens are long, so putting was tricky. Overall, we enjoyed the round and the scenery.

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